Sims 3: MY FIRST GNOME!!!!


Of course, it happened when I wasn't looking (darn pets taking up my attention) but I came into the house to find Francine bumbling about (not cooking as I told her to) and there he was.

Cold Miser Bowser.

And that beard looks like a big shit eating grin.  LOVE IT.

Sims 3: The Bowser Family (a canine legacy)

I finally did something I've wanted to for a while.  Do a pet based legacy.  So this will be a few pics of my very first DOG legacy and then some other fun pet pics (from a different family).

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Yes, Stella Luna is my first evil sim.  I can hear it now.  Ooh, you made an alien evil, way to play into negative stereotypes about aliens *snerk* but hey, all aliens can't be E.T. (meaning BORING!) so. . .yeah, I have an evil alien girl child.

(I slapped some hair on her, too--she's super cute now).

And that's all I got for now.

I'm loving pet legacies.


Sims 3: Unger Family

What can I say, when I'm bored I like to show off my sims.

For this round of show and tell we're back with the Unger family (don't fret, I'll name drop everyone as they appear). Basically I'm playing their game legacy style but I cheat on motives and to change the weather and I'm not doing a lone heir. I want the challenge of keeping the whole family together (at least for now--I'm not ready to let them go into the timestream--control freak!).

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Sims 3: Random pics of randomness

My home machine does have internet access but no anti-virus software (oh, the drama that's causing right now).  Now I wasn't going to bother using and flash drive to move pics BUT. . .some fun stuff happened when I was playing last night so I just had to take a few snaps and then (of course) I had to share them.

So, let's look at sims3 pics, shall we?
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Sims 3 : Yes, it has finally happened.

First, there will be no pics in this post.  It's just going to be rambling.  Why not pics?  Well, my home PC (yes, I finally have a working home PC--it's been a LONG time) has no internet access at this time and I'm too lazy to drag pics to another computer to share them.  That and I really haven't taken any.  Ok, I took two to check out how the pic thing works (but more because I had an elderly alien visit my household the very first night I played and I got the family cat, Hypnotoad, to greet the alien--it was worth getting a pic).

So, no pics.

I was going to do a list of what I like and don't like but it was boring.  So I'll just boil it down to this:

Sims3 seems to be a bridge between PC and console.  It really has feels of both.  Right now it's a matter of NOT comparing it to sims2.  It really is a whole different game.  I noticed it the most with the socialization aspects.  You have to really work at that crap now.  No more talking on the phone with a sim for hours and hours one night then inviting them over the next day and BOOM you're best friends (or lovers, whatever).  And with the story progression on, stuff changes.  Sims aren't just going to sit around single waiting for you to pair up with them.

So, about the sims I'm playing.  I have one household in each neighborhood.

Collapse )So far, I'm enjoying sims3.  It's fun to have a game to play again but I don't know that I'll be obsessed with it like I was sims2.