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GUCCI: Bonus pics

I had an assload of pics for the big Ish three parter.

So here's a few I wanted to use but just couldn't work in.

Hee hee.  That's just a gratuitious Rasher in SOCK GARTERS! pic.  I just love those undies (thanks pixel!).  They make Rasher look downright conservative.

While I was playing the headmaster scenario, I wasn't sure how I wanted it to go.  So I played it like I was trying to get them in.  I even bought them some new items for the house including a cow skin rug, a stuffed cow head (mounted for display on the wall), that huge ugly plant, the bar, and the love tub.  The family was all pretty tired once B.J. finally arrived (and hungry since I made them wait to eat) so that didn't bode well. 

I ended the scenario with 73/90.  And, of all people, Rasher didn't get along with B.J.  He'd try to schmooze him and would LOSE points.  Good job, Dadder.  That's when I decided that not being accepted would work for me (not like I could win at that point anyway).  After all, Magenta and Riff Raff's gender bending ways would have conflicted with the uniform.  Magenta in a skirt?  Riff Raff, maybe, but never Magenta.

But they did start to bond over drinks.  Is B.J. talking about lube?  Of course not.  I'm sure he's complaining about the price of gas/oil and the politics of it all.

Just two more pics.  I really wanted to work these into the conversation Magenta had with Rasher (about the headmaster coming--since they happened then) but. . .

"Dadder, it's not fair.  Simpatico and Bob got a puppy. . ."

"And I'm the one filling in the holes in the yard.  Maybe you should play with the dog we already HAVE?  And what about Bonkers and Wunsler?"

"But I want a PUPPY, Dadder?  Pleeeeeezzzzeeee.  I promise I'll take care of him and. . ."

Ahh, it's the age old struggle between child and parent.

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