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Bonus Schtuff: Blather and pics (part 2 of 2)

So, I said this would be the bonus schtuff about Jupiter and Onus.

And, it is.

Jupiter and Onus

Now the good lord knows I can't resist my dear boys for too long.  And I did have the excuse that their twins, Rosalie and Rubina, needed to become teens.

But I had a continuity/chronology problem.  That goddamn Montgomery.  He was still a teen.  And I'd already played Cinnamon and Odalisque, so his teen-ness was caught on "film".  Curses.

So, I just figured I'd bring it up all the time so everyone would be WELL aware I was aware of it and we could just admit there was a 500lb gorilla in the room.

Why was Monty all out of whack chronologically speaking?  Because his younger brothers, Shamus and Angus, got shipped off to college and I didn't send him.  He's a romance sim with the lifetime want to have 20 simultaneous loves.  No need to suffer through college for THAT.

Oh, before I forget them any more, a few pics of ANGUS before he went off to college (proving just how big a perv I am, too).

Ooh, did something sneak up on you during the night, Angus?

How embarrassing for you.  You know, you can take care of that, uh, little problem. . .

*dirty thoughts alert*  Do I need to say it?  I think I will anyway.  He's diddling his nip.

*SNORT*  I think dear Angus has taken matters into his own hands.

Ok, enough being perverted with a teen sim (*snort* it's just so much fun. . .).

So back to the blather.  

I had planned to make Jupiter and Onus one of the first pet owners of Nocheat.  It was going to be a cat and he was going to be a "police cat"  (the idea of "police cats" cracks me up).  So I made the cat in create a sim.  Now about his name.  I didn't intend to use the same name as one of my sims (Jack Mehoffer-Vu).  I had been reading Jasper Fforde's latest book "The Fourth Bear" at the time I made Jack.  He's named for Jack Spratt, the Nursery Crimes detective and main character, of Fforde's Nursery Crimes series.

I used a bit of moveobjects to get the opening pics and learned that when you move a sim holding a pet, you get JUST the pet.  And you can't make the pet and sim go back to looking like they're together.  That was annoying but not a big deal.  I managed pretty well I think.

So after I got the pet pics and could do my silly "police cat" thing, I used the tombstone of life and death to quick age Monty.  He had four days left and the twins only three.  Then I forgot to take a pic of him.  Suffice to say, he looks almost exactly like Ichabod Row (his uncle).  Which is just about what Shamus looks like (I think they're clones).  The teens aged withouth help from the tombstone.  And those outfits were the ones they got.  Lucky girls.

I've seen this before in a pic, but never noticed it in game:

That's Rubina's dress.  Creepy baby pattern.  Tough titty, maxis.  Both Ruby and Rosy are popularity sims.

Now, abou the near death experience.  It really did happen the night of the twins transition.  Somehow I let Jupiter's hunger get very low.  So I woke him from his sleep to go eat.  I tried to make him have a bowl of cereal but Viola's ghost had other ideas.  She scared him, making him pee.  So now his hunger was SUPER low and his hygiene was done, too.  I was desperate.  I tried to get him to drink a juice.  But I could see that wasn't going to work.

So, to ensure I didn't lose Jupiter for ever, I saved right as he was getting up from the table with his unsipped juice can (he would take it into the kitchen and then keel over).  That way if Onus didn't save him for some reason, I could either try it again or just use boolprop and fiddle with his needs by sliding them back up.

I had made Onus get up when I saw Jupiter wasn't going to drink the juice.  I wanted him super ready for the Reaper when he arrived.  And wouldn't you know it, the son of a bitch (as Jupiter is starting to keel over) picks up a dirty dish and moves toward the sink.  I was furious.  Cancel the action.  Onus starts "crying softly".  Bastard.  Cancel the action.  The Reaper floats onto the scene.  Commence clicking frantically on him.  (note:  wait until he takes out his clipboard, this is THE moment).  I was pretty sure if I could just get Onus to do the begging, he'd win (their relationship is top o' the pops).

Then, the damn cat and the damn daughter showed up and I was afraid their stupid asses would get in the way.  Thankfully, they didn't.

The rest, as they say, is history.  (and I love Onus's face in those pics, that's why I used pretty much ALL of them--and, super aww moment, the first thing Jupiter did after being saved was give Onus a hug).

The tombstones were moved as soon as the sun rose (and the ghosts were no longer out).  Seems Viola got back at me for my squashing her with a satellite.  Let this be a lesson to all of us.

NOW, for some funny shit from Onus and Jupiter (since I can't resist photographing them).

"Hey, Jupiter, I'm getting a bath.  Care to join me?"

"I don't know, Onus.  It doesn't look like there's room for both of us. . ."

"Suit yourself.  But the invitation still stands."

Onus shows Jupiter his "good side".  Apparently it's something Jupiter's never seen before?  Somehow I highly doubt THAT.

Fun with pixelation.

Rosalie is disgusted by her fathers' antics.

(that sequence just randomly happpened, too.  They both tried to use the tub at the same time.  Of course, I about sprained my wrist trying to manipulate the camera angle.)

Hope you had as much fun as I did (and Jupiter and Onus seemed to have!).
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