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Bonus Schtuff: Vicente Barrionuevo

This can't really be classified as a bonus schtuff/behind the scenes thing because it's a pretty straight forward pair of updates.

But let me just say THIS about your "son" laridian.  

HE IS A HOG.  (not that that makes me love him any less, mind you)

And, he's a big ole baby.

Hey Vic, how's about you gussy up your house a bit.  It's starting to gross me out, man.


No, the other skinny white boy in your house.  YES, you.

"Oh man. . .*mutters*"

What was that?

"Nothing.  *mutters*"

Do you have a problem, Mr. Barrionuevo?

"Yeah.  Laridian never made me CLEAN."

*laughing*  You really think I buy THAT.  Nice try.  Now grab a sponge and get scrubbing.

He's also not as shy as he'd like people to believe.

I know you don't like to be alone, Vic, but this is a bit much don't you think?

Oh, I guess I do have a bit of behind the scenes schtuff.

So Vic met Shanghai when she showed up with the welcome wagon (at the Love Shack).  JACKPOT.  Now Vic had a way to meet Galacticon.  So I invited the whole family over one evening hoping to get cute pics of Shanhai and Galacticon playing with Pillage and Plunder.  BUT, the kids went home as soon as they got there.  So much for kids not being allowed to stay home alone, huh?

While Shangai and Galacticon were on the lot, Shanghai kept swooning over Galacticon and he was so happy over it.

Yes, she autonimously serenaded him and he got all girly over it.  THEN, THEY FELL IN LOVE!!!!!

Then Vic, being the sweet sim that he is, congratulates Galacticon on his accomplishment.  I guess Shanghai and Galacticon's love was even out of the Creatrix's control.  Now the question is, will Galacticon or Shanghai be the one to ruin it?  (what, you want a happily ever after ending?  this IS Nocheat, remember)

And in case you were wondering, Mercy Laide (pink haired lass that arrived with the welcome wagon) autonimously HATED Shanghai.

So now Vic knows a lot of great sims.  Shanghai and Galacticon (who he doesn't get along with very well thanks to Vic loving to talk money and Galacticon's hating that topic), The Khillians, and Carmine DeTreville and Ichabod Row.  Will he end up wrapped up in Carmine's "family business"?  Even I don't know at this point.

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