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Nocheat: BONUS schtuff (with pics)

I have been DIEING to show off a few of these bonus shots.

I'm going to try to keep this in the same order as the posts, but I make no promises.

SHOCKING!  I'm not sure I showed this one before, but I like it.  For a guy who will have sex on a park bench in broad daylight, Angus can be such a prude sometimes.  

So, I'll address the rash of abductions and everything in a minute.  First, a picture from the "that's just not right" file.

Romeo.  Do not tell Lisa how hot her HUSBAND is.  I'm sure she's well aware.  And she's also the sim who will beat your ass if you use the telescope during the day.  I wouldn't mess with her if I were you.

There's not much to discuss about the deaths of Rocco and Carmella.  Rocco died without any help from me (and he was perma platinum).  I helped Carmella along.  I was going to kill her off before she became an elder but that didn't seem fair to her family.  Why should they not get the insurance pay out just because Carmella was a murderer?

I'm not sure why Cameo was so pissed at her deceased father.  I think it might have had something to do with an ill timed flirt I made Giovanni do to Gabe right before I killed him off.  The whole family was miffed at Giovanni.  Thankfully, Giovanni is such a nice guy that most of the relationships are on the mend.

There's also not much to discuss about Galacticon's reunion.  The reunion really was a scored party (that ended up very well, but not a roof raiser) and shows up in the two official guests' memories as "family reunion".  My game/computer seems to think it can only handle two guests per party, so I have to invite the party guests, then make extra calls for everyone else.  It's a good work around, since I'm not sure I want one of those "invite as many as you want and let god sort it out" hacks.

I'm beginning to notice how incestuous Nocheat really is.  Ok, incestuous isn't exactly the right word.  Inter-bred?  In this latest bunch of updates, I realized not only has Belle Laide had a child with Galacticon (Mosaic Laide-Woodstock) but she's also the mother of Cloche Laide (the funky girl who Andrew brings to visit Thetus during his pregnancy), the mother of Truth Laide, and the step-mother of Lunar Rockette.  See what I'm saying?

Ok, in case you're interested, I'll give a full run down of the parentage of all of Galacticon's children (roughly in "age" order).  Mosaic Laide-Woodstock, daughter of Belle Laide.  Farquest Galaxy Bendett,  son of Eugenia Bendett.  Romeo DeTreville, son of Carmella DeTreville.  Dora Mae McCrackin, daughter of Ivy McCrackin.  Shotgun Baena, daughter of Edna Baena.  Pillage and Plunder Farquest, sons of in-game alien pol tech (though for story purposes Shanghai is their "sperm donor").  Galacticon Journey, son of Shanghai Journey.

SO, about those abductions.

I had the BEST glitch during Truth's return from his abduction.

It's dark, but I think you can see there is something strange on Truth's head.

It's a BOWL OF CEREAL.  Really.  I didn't moveobjects or anything.  The ship dropped him off and I was trying to get a good pic and I thought, "when the hell did Truth start wearing a hat?"  He obviously has very good balance.

So both abductions (if you were wondering) were CHEATED for.  I had to force Truth's abduction via boolprop (even with using the "increased odds" telescope I have).  He was getting old and I didn't want to roll back his age (it's time for him to become an old fart).  For Thetus's abduction, I got lucky and the "increased odds" telescope did the dirty work for me.  Since the "increased odds" telescop is RED, I had to figure out a way to disguise it in the abduction pics.  That was part of the reason why the pics are the way they are.  I also wanted something different and I was planning to narrate Truth's abduction from the point of view of the abductor.  I had been planning Truth's abduction for some time.  Thetus's was just a "what the hell" kind of thing.  But it still fits in with my original plan (in fact, it's even better since I got a boy and a girl).

About the new alien podlings.  Autumn was named for the season she was born in.  I think it's a pretty name (and just so happens that I have a real-life cousin name Autumn--that was just a coincidence).  I had a hell of a time naming Calvin.  I just couldn't decide.  I like the name but there's nothing special about it (though now I want to get the family a cat and name him Hobbes!).

I had originally planned to show the "negative side effect" of Bubble on Milo.  But he was just barely a teen and I wanted to wait until he was an adult.  Then I got him a job and he started making friends so I decided to be nice to him.  His lifetime want is to get to the top of the journalism career track and the lowest level (at least for teen) is Yearbook Supervisor (or something like that).  I just embellished it a bit by saying he got in the Nocheat Picayune (ad don't you love Picayune--great word).

So, that just leaves the wedding, huh?

Lookin for some HOT STUFF baby this evening.  I want some HOT STUFF, baby tonight.

Monty Row (yes, he has his mother's last name, not Jupiter's though he is Jupiter's son) is a strange dude.  But I love him just the same.

TIP:  Don't put a fishing hole on the lot you're having a wedding on.  It's like CRACK.  Onus Khillian and Shamus Khillian would not leave it alone.  They didn't even watch the vows, that's how obsessed they were. 

The wedding had to be arranged much like the reunion (in fact, the wedding had been over long before the reunion), with only two sims (Monty and Shamus) being "real guests" and everyone else just being "invited over".  Thankfully the parents changed into formal wear once the vows started.  The rest of the guests took their sweet time (and Onus never did change, the brat).

Now, about some of the things you saw in this latest batch of updates.  Truth and Thetus's abductions were written the way they are ON PURPOSE.  That should be enough of a hint on that one.  Shanghai had Galacticon's baby ON PURPOSE.  And last but not least, YES, Angus and Rocky Khillian are leaving Nocheat.  It was elluded to in previous updates so if you think about it for a second you'll probably figure it out.  I'm not going to say it outright because that would be just too big a spoiler.

And last but not least, I put my big toe in cat puke while I was typing this.  It was not so gross, since the puke was, thankfully, cold.  I just felt like sharing that since I don't think there's a mood icon that depicts a big toe in cat vomit.

Thanks for indulging my dorkishness.

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