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Random Sims: A little ficlet for strange_tomato (and more)

So, I hijacked a thread over at simstorytellers and as penance, strange_tomato sentenced me to write up a drabble for her using the prompts "tenderly" and "condom" and two new (and yet unseen) Peculiar characters Terra Moonbeam and Chester Geike.

(background:  Terra Moonbeam is Blossom Moonbeam's mother.  She just moved to Bluewater Village after leaving the hippy type commune she lived on for many years.  Chester Geike, discouraged and a bit disgruntled by his life in Nocheat, moved to Bluewater Village as well.  It just so happened he moved in next door to Terra's family and they took a shine to one another.  Othe characters mentioned in the little ficlet are Rascal Moonbeam, Terra's teenage son, and Tempest Moonbeam, Terra's child aged daughter.  Chester is pregnant via abduction.)

This is a bit over the 100 word drabble limit, but I did have TWO prompts to work in there so. . .I'm sure you'll survive reading 380 words.  If you don't, it was nice knowing you.

Want to read?

Go here.

(yes, I like to keep all my text only stuff at my other journal)

NOW, if I might be so bold as to steal an idea from laridian (yeah, she's first person I ever saw take requests like this, shout out!) if you want a little drabble/ficlet just put your prompt/character in the comments here and I'll see what I can do.  The only catch is, all stuff is text only.  (you don't need to provide a character either, if you want something original, just say)

Oh, and strange_tomato, I hope you enjoyed this (it was fun to write, I love work distractions).

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