May 17th, 2013


Sims 3: The Bowser Family (a canine legacy)

I finally did something I've wanted to for a while.  Do a pet based legacy.  So this will be a few pics of my very first DOG legacy and then some other fun pet pics (from a different family).

Collapse )

Yes, Stella Luna is my first evil sim.  I can hear it now.  Ooh, you made an alien evil, way to play into negative stereotypes about aliens *snerk* but hey, all aliens can't be E.T. (meaning BORING!) so. . .yeah, I have an evil alien girl child.

(I slapped some hair on her, too--she's super cute now).

And that's all I got for now.

I'm loving pet legacies.


Sims 3: MY FIRST GNOME!!!!


Of course, it happened when I wasn't looking (darn pets taking up my attention) but I came into the house to find Francine bumbling about (not cooking as I told her to) and there he was.

Cold Miser Bowser.

And that beard looks like a big shit eating grin.  LOVE IT.