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Random Sims: Aww, so SAD!

Brought to you from from the DeTreville/White house in Nocheat.  Home of Guiseppe DeTreville, his daughter Artemis DeTreville-White and her husband Off White and their twins, Lilly and Bennie (and dog, Daphne). 

Wait, that's not sad, right?  She just wants to sing with her grandpa.

Uhh, yeah.  Good luck with that, dear little Bennie.

Little Bennie had wants filled since the death of grandpa Benjamin but she still wants to sing a nursery rhyme with him.  Poor thing.

I noticed a few other weird things in this house too.  Artemis had a fear of one of her twins (don't remember which) dieing.  But I was under the impression that toddlers (and babies) can't die?  The sick and twisted side of me is very tempted to test this Invincible Toddler theory (but not on the White kids, they've been through enough).

I also noticed that you can't put urns on end/coffee tables or counters.  Ok, you can but they levitate.  VERY annoying when I was trying to set up a little shrine to Benjamin (so Guiseppe could have a sad moment).  I finally got it to work by using a display shelf but then I could only put the urn, nothing else.  So I had to move objects the flowers.  You'll see the results in future Peculiar, but still, I shouldn't have to work that hard for something so simple.

Benjamin is survived by his son, Onus, two daughters, Periwinkle and Artemis, and grand kids:  Odalisque, Patchoulianna, Peppermint, Rosalie, Rubina, Lilly and Bennie.  And great-grand kids:  Passado and Flageolet. 

Anyway, rest in peace, Benjamin Long-DeTreville.  Guiseppe wasn't the only one that adored you.
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