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Peculiar Extras: What's big and hairy and gives great hugs?

Yup, still getting my Peculiar on.  And still working mostly with Daniel and Frances.

You may recall my asking about hosting dirty pics?  Well, the dirty pics in question involve our dear Frances.  (stay with me, I'm going somewhere with this)  The night after I got the dirty pics, I'm playing and decide to send Frances and Daniel on a wee vacation (it's story relevant).  Now, Frances had the Hidden Burrow map, so you know I had to take them to see Bigfoot.

Would he be considered a bear?  That's WAY too hairy for me. . .

Now I love seeing what names Maxis gives the Bigfoots.  So I hover over our fuzzy friend and see:

BJ Bigfoot

I kid you not.  My only regret is I didn't get a screencap of it.

Why didn't I get a screencap?  Well, you have our dear Frances to thank for THAT cockup.

While Daniel tries to figure out BJ's political affiliation (though is Three Lakes part of the voting area for Daniel's mayoral race?), our dear Frances just saunters into BJ's burrow (ooh, that sounds dirty) and makes himself at home.

And that's when I realize that hammock is bugged to hell.  Frances was stuck.  So I had to quit without saving (after having a mini stroke). 

When they went back to leave more literature with Bigfoot, they found he was now living under an assumed name.


I guess he was tired of all the jokes.

But Zack is a nice enough fellow.  While the intrepid adventurers fish in the rain *shakes head* Zack grabs their pic (which reminds me of the tour card you can get, about discovering Bigfoot and getting $300 for getting his snapshot).

So Daniel and Frances are the first two Peculiarites to meet Bigfoot.  I doubt this will ever come into the story, but you never know.

NOW, I have to tuck those dirty pics behind a private entry to see if pbucket yanks them.  *hopes*
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