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Peculiar B2: Season's Greetings from Peculiar

Who doesn't like getting an early christmas greeting?

And and early christmas goose!

"Hey, that's sexual harrassment."

"It's not harrassment if you had it on your christmas list."

"But. . ."


"BUT, if I'm your elf. . .your EMPLOYEE. . .then you're really taking advantage of your role as my superior, Mister Claus."

"Ooh, are you going to sue me?"

"Yes. . .for pain and suffering caused by. . ."

"Suffering?  I thought those were moans of PLEASURE. . ."

"I have mental anguish."

"Oh. . .OH, I get it.  You're thinking about me all the time and it gets you so upset, having to wait. . ."

"Something like that, yeah."

"Well, then. . ."

"Santa baby, hurry down my chimney tonight."



"Oh, come on, Zondek.  Just smile. . ."

*louder sighing*

"Dude, what's your problem.  Just cheese it up like the rest of us so we can get this over with already."

"Son. . .please.  We're losing the light."

Zondek kicks at the sand and reluctantly scowls at the camera.

No sooner has the shutter clicked then the last of the light fades away.  It's Bjorn's turn to sigh, knowing he won't get Zondek to play along again.  He hopes they got something they can work with.

Bottom, noticing her husband's dismay, coaxes him back into a good mood with some tickling.  Just like that, Bjorn is once again smiling and the pair are kissing and cooing.

"For fuck's sake. . ."


". . .why don't you just do it right in the damn yard. . ."


"Well," Bottom tries to diffuse the moment with laughter, "If we turned down these lights the neighbors might not even notice. . ."

"Mom. . .dude. . .that's sick."

Bjorn snickers and pulls Bottom to him. 

"Man. . .," Sven chases after Zondek as he goes inside, leaving the lovebirds behind.  ". . .you're right, they're butt NASTY!"
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