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Peculiar B2 BONUS : Sneak peeks at next update (w/pics)

These aren't proper drabbles since most will be over 100 words.  So I suppose I should just call them snippets?  Teasers?  Mental spit up?  Pick your favorite.

All of these offerings relate to the next Peculiar B2 update, "Travail".  They also all use prompts from the lists over at simfic50.  AND, they all have pics (something a lot of my drabbly type offerings don't get).

So, want to see what's coming up in Peculiar?

From list two, prompt #31:  Proud
Word Count (approximate) : 111
Characters:  Kitty Curious, Glam Curious, John Henry Curious

Steeped in the heady mix of excitement and pride, Kitty held her breath and waited.

Slowly he shuddered, uncurling from his crouched position.  Stretching?  Despite the lack of flesh and blood, muscle and bone, it was the only word to describe it.

He lifted his head and focused on her.

"Catherine Marie Curious?"

She exhaled audibly, giddy with relief.  Beside her, Glam's hand squeezed hers encouraging her to reply.

"Yes.  But please, call me Kitty."

"Kitty," he replied with a definitive nod.

"This," Kitty gestured to Glam as he stepped forward, "is my husband, Glam."

"Glam," he replied, giving Glam's hand a single firm shake.  "I am John Henry."

From list 1, prompt # 5:  Door
Word Count (approximate): 180
Characters : Spencer Oliver Sunseri, Andre

He woke to the pitch black of his new room and Andre's eager pawing.  The darkness had changed the room, stripping the fun and excitement it had held in the daylight.

He hesitated, momentarily paralyzed by the though of greedy creatures waiting in unfamiliar shadows, ready to pounce.

Andre's persistant cries motivated him from the bed and to the door.  Hand on the knob, he was filled with new found boldness.  Pushing, light flooded in, bleaching the shadows and exposing the room he had known during the day.

Andre darted past, moving quickly down the hall.  Spencer was less confident.

Faced with two similar doors he couldn't recall which was the bathroom.

He pushed open the first, injecting light onto the nursery.  Despite the steady pressure in his bladder, he followed the lit path.

The feeling returned.  The tingling sense that something was waiting, lingering just outside his vision, lurking under the crib or maybe the changing table.

His need was suddenly more acute, forcing him to hold his crotch as he darted from the room. 

Bursting into the bathroom, the stark white of the tile offered little in the way of cover for shadow dwelling menaces.  Spencer relieved himself and flushed, hoping the wash of light and water would chase the creatures away for good.

From list 2, prompt # 21 : If
Word Count (approximate) : 210
Characters : Zephyr Pleasure, Abraham Leader

She watched him as he flittered around the tiny kitchen, chattering about the latest recipe he was eager for her to review.

What if. . .

She looked at her hand and smiled.  It wasn't as if she hadn't thought about it before.  And she was fairly certain it was something he'd pondered more than once as well.

"Damn, I never thought ot ask. . ."

Slowly she focused on his voice

". . .you do like cherries, I hope. . ."

He turned from the oven to face her.

". . .if you don't I can try it with apples or probably any other kind of fruit. . .I'd have to adjust a few things but it should translate. . ."

"Cherries are fine," she offered, unsure he'd even heard her.

"Yeah?  Good. . .great.. .I really wanted to get your opinion on this. . ."

". . .oh shit.  Well," he sighed, lightly tossing the charred pie onto the counter, "so much for THAT."

"What?," she replied with faux shock.  "Since when do you give up that easily?"

He turned toward her and smiled.  She nodded and he set to gathering plates and serving them both.

"You SURE you want to get involved in this mess?"  He looked from the scorched dessert to her, his smile a mix of amusement and disbelief.

"I do."
From list 1, Prompt # 6 : Choice
Word Count (approximate): 200
Characters : Morrow Summerdream, Julian Hive2 

It was delicious, the way the tiny structure gave itself to her rage so easily, bending and snapping, collapsing into itself. 

"No choice. . .," she growled, each stomp heavier than the last, accentuated by the crackle and crunch of tiny furnishings being reduced to rubble.

". . .worthless, insolent bitch. . .telling ME no choice. . .conniving two-faced cu. . .OW"

Shards stuck to the sole of her foot, piercing the skin and heightening her anger.

". . .piece of worthless junk. . ."  She kicked the walls, exposing the carefully placed decals to the wrath of her battered and bloodied sole.

"Morrow. . ."  Julian spoke quietly.  While he had a definite size advantage, there was really no way to tell what she could be capable of when fueled by such anger. 

". . .fucking sorry excuse for a Mother. . ."

"Morrow. . .," he offered again, hesitant to reach out to her.

The pistoning action of her foot against the dollhouse never paused or even slowed in the slightest.  She didn't even turn her head to look at him.

"Get.  Out.  Slave."

It was that word.  Slave.  Julian was powerless to stop himself.  In one smooth motion he took the raging girl's shoulder and half jerked, half spun her away from the dollhouse. 

She tottered but managed to keep her balance.  As if waking from a dream, she blinked slowly, forehead furrowed.

"That's enough,"  he offered, his tone even and calm despite the tremor in his hand.

From list 2, Prompt # 23 She
Word Count (approximate) : 80
Characters : Circe Sunseri, Molly Sunseri

"Perfect," Circe cooed.  "She's my perfect girl.  My perfect Molly."

The baby flailed in response, squeeling and bouncing.

"Yes," Circe continued, laughing.  She removed the soiled diaper and set about cleaning the mess underneath.  Molly squirmed but quickly settled under Circe's hands.

With practiced ease, Circe produced a lancet and stealthfully pricked the baby's heal.  Molly squeaked.

"Oh, I'm sorry," she offered, kissing the site of the pain and rubbing the baby's stomach.  "But we need to be certain."

From list 1, Prompt 14 : Lovers
Word Count (approximate): 120
Characters:  Pascal Curious, Albert Curious

Neither man spoke as Albert pressed against Pascal's back, his hand snaking through the gap between his arm and his body.  He rested his hand, cold and dry, against Pascal's arm in an attempt to stifle his movement.

Percy's absence wore on Pascal the most.  His calls, while appreciated and much anticipated, had quickly become a sad consolation prize to actually having him in the house.  And the longer he was away, the more frequent were Pascal's attempts to distract himself.  The recently completed storefront, the impending house construction, and the ever present flower bench kept him busy but did not offer the comfort of Percy's thin frame curled against him as they slept.

Albert gripped Pascal's arm. 

"Come to bed, Pascal."

Pascal sighed.

"I should work on these so it's not. . ."

"Pascal. . .," Albert interrupted.

Pascal shivered under the light touch of Albert's fingers and the quietly whispered.

"Please. . ."
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