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Sharing some sims : Four simmies for the taking

This is going to be quick and dirty (so no pics here, you have to click the links to see pics).

I just packed up and added four new faces to my esnips.

Two of them are from HERE

They are Nadine Secret and Glinda Gilscarbo.  Both are female and are (properly) packed as adults with no-cc.  Both are alien (skin and eyes) and are products of a little breeding experiment.

The other two are from HERE.

They are Winston Brilliantcat (male) and Layla Foreverred (female).  Both are products of the most recent pixel_trade breeding experiment.  Both have aliens eyes and "normal" skin.  Both are packed as adults, again with no cc.


For the record, I have all EPs EXCEPT Apartment Life and all SPs except Ikea and Mansion/Garden.

If something doesn't work, give a holler in the comments and I'll try to fix it.

If there is any other sim you'd like, leave a comment and I'll (eventually) pack them up for you.

Tags: pixel_trade

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