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Sims 3: Random pics of randomness

My home machine does have internet access but no anti-virus software (oh, the drama that's causing right now).  Now I wasn't going to bother using and flash drive to move pics BUT. . .some fun stuff happened when I was playing last night so I just had to take a few snaps and then (of course) I had to share them.

So, let's look at sims3 pics, shall we?

It's a dark pic but you can clearly see this is a cat begging a treat from an alien.

The cat is Hypnotoad.  He's part of the Vanilli family (Millie and French Vanilli).  I don't remember which neighborhood they live in.  I think it's the pets ep neighborhood, Appaloosa Plains (?).  I only have two 'hoods.  (and it's kind of annoying that you can't make your own for more variety, though I guess I could just makeover Sunset Valley or App Plains if I wanted but I'm not that ambitious/bored yet).

Here he is in a badly edited pic (brightened to feature him a bit more--it was night after all).  He's definitely an elder, sporting his can and the whole thing.  It's such a shame they don't let elderly sims RETIRE.

I'm kind of disappointed that pudding aliens have pointed ears, that that's an "alien" thing.  But I'm just being all fussy about that.

Those are the only two pics I have from the Vanilli household.  I haven't played them since those pics were taken.  I realized that making a full household (with a pet) was a bit too much for me to deal with what with being a newb and all.  I didn't admit that until I'd made a second household (separate game) and made the mistake of rushing into procreation.  That's Jasper Farnsworth's game.  He currently sits in a modest starter home with a live in lover (who he's not sure he really likes--me either, to be honest) and a newborn daughter.  And an elderly cat.  I was overwhelmed in that household so I decided to make a third game and start with just ONE sim and play very "legacy" style.

The rest of the pics are from that game, Sadie Unger's game.

I bought her a huge lot (the biggest you can place) and it's really a mess.  It's on a hill and I'd say at least half of it will probably never be usable.  But it's so huge there's plenty of usable space (even if I do a full 10 gen legacy on the lot).  I cheated to give her ZERO dollars and set about learning the game by having her hustle around finding stuff she could sell.

She didn't sell EVERYTHING she found.  Her she is giving some kissy love to Gary, a snake she caught right off.  Then she immediately wanted to buy him a terrarium, so I obliged.  That's kind of the way I'm playing it.  Very want driven.  So what if Sadie has no house or any creature comforts.  She can get a terrarium for a snake she picked up at the park.

It's working out pretty well (so far).  She currently has an actual house complete with toilet, shower, two counter tops, kitchen sink, stove, fridge, four lights, and one cheap folding chair.  She also has a sleeping bag (no real bed yet--no need for it), a parasol, and a torn up umbrella (it's rains all the freaking time in this game!).  Oh, and she also has a snake terrarium (for Gary), a bird cage (for her cockatoo, Lago), and a turtle terrarium for her box turtle (crap, I forget his name now--I want to say it's Phil or something like that).  The animations on the critter cages are super cute.  OH, she also has a cockroach that she keeps in her pocket (named Jamie--I was going to let it go or sell it but when I went to name it the game picked that fabulous gender neutral name so I kept the bug--maybe I'll give it to another sim as a gift and see how that goes over).

Speaking of other sims, Sadie has exactly one official friend.

This guy:

Despite how it looks, they do get along.  I forget his name right now.  He's quite personable and even invited Sadie to a pool party.  She went and then proceeded to collect seeds from his yard (and tried to catch a turtle but it was too fast for her, heh).  Of course, the minute she headed over to the party it. . .wait for it. . . started raining.  Really, what is with the rain in this game!

Notice anything interesting there in the background of the above pic?

It was a first for me.

I'm not sure if the deceased died of old age or from the eating contest but she definitely caused a scene.  She even begged for her life but Death was having none of it.  Sadie was too involved in talking to her friend to even notice.

Oh, and the best part?  This happened during the fall festival.  Too bad it wasn't near the haunted house.

Speaking of the fall festival, it was also the site of another first.  Sadie's first act of thievery.  She has the klepto trait so I had her steal something.  She deftly stole a huge pile of hay bales then she put out her sleeping bag and slept in the spot where they had been.  Yeah, no one's going to suspect you, Sadie.  Stealing is very lucrative.  The hay netted her 350 bucks.  Brava, Sadie.

Speaking of that sleeping bag, it's super helpful and amusing.  So far Sadie has slept in the park, her own garden, and outside the theater (during a date, of all times).

Dating?  Why yes, Sadie dates.  She has one fella who's always calling up for dates late in the evening.  Took me a bit to figure out why but I think it has something to do with his GIRLFRIEND.  He's out creeping while she's sleeping.  Dog.  Sadie still goes out with him but it's not going anywhere.  She's more interested in a different fella.  Again, I don't remember the name but he has an unfortunate hair do and (I think) a child and (I think) a pet.  If memory serves he was giving away kittens and I was SUPER tempted to take one but then remembered I have cats in my other games and this game is about exploring the newness of sims 3.  So no kitten (yet) for Sadie.

She rolled the want to send Bad Hair a love letter but apparently they're not on good enough terms for that.  She also wanted to kiss him AND do some night fishing (literal fishing, not "fishing" as in trying to hook a mate) so I had her invite Bad Hair to the lake/pond area (the one that attracts all the wild horses--speaking of, I saw one walking backwards down a hill--very amusing).  The water also has a big ass shark in it and the gold fish love breaching over it.  I always laugh when the gold fish breach.  So dramatic.

Of course, it was pouring down rain and her umbrella was in tatters.  So I'm trying to salvage what I can from the outing, chatting up Bad Hair and all the sudden he takes off.  Great.  I figured it was just my ineptness at the harder socials in this game but then I noticed Sadie's queue.

"Investigate bizarre phenomenon"  (or something like that)My

Given her location, my first thougt was UNICORN!!

Not so much.

Ready or not, here they come.  You can't run!

Even with your paltry one athletic skill point (from roller skating) you're not out running our pointy eared friends.

And wouldn't you know it, I was just trying to finish up my playing so I could take a shower and get ready for bed.  Eh, what's a few more minutes, right?

I'm not sure if Sadie was upset about being sopping wet (the g-darn rain!!) or from being cock blocked by the aliens.

Maybe the aliens saw how pathetic that date was and decided Sadie was better off getting abducted?

Here's hoping Bad Hai hasn't been scared off.  Sadie wants that kiss (locked it in).

One last pic because it amused me.


Once Sadie rolls the want to get her face painted, I'm going to get Little Cloud


(hope that video imbed works--I'm so out of how to work all the new LJ crap)



( 13 comments — Leave a comment )
Apr. 9th, 2013 01:10 am (UTC)
I wonder why it's only elderly aliens? I've had both an old man and old lady alien so far.

Gary's a cute snake!

The rain is... yeah. Monsoons. Rainy seasons nonstop. My tropical island has so much rain I'm amazed the water levels haven't risen and drowned the beaches. It's very frustrating because sims can get sick (unless you buy immunity for them) or soaked (negative moodlet for hours). Johnny Pandemic likes to go search the junkyard for scrap and he can hardly do that in a monsoon. And who wants to go to the festivals in the pouring rain?

That was weird too, sims dying on other lots. But it's more appropriate, I guess, since the whole town ages, not just the playables.

Lucky you, you had an alien abduction! That hasn't happened in my game yet. Anything special Sadie was doing?

This is what's so fun about Sims 3 - there's so many new things to discover.
Apr. 9th, 2013 11:58 am (UTC)
Ooh, an old lady alien? I'm adding that to the list of things I want to see. I've only had that one home visitor.

I'm quite tempted to do a bit of cheating to get rid of a bit of the weather. It's just a matter of going into debug mode, then you can just click the ground to change the weather. After 7 straight days of snow, I'm pretty much over the weather effects but I do like the change of seasons and all that (so don't want to just shorten/get rid of it in the set up).

Try changing Johnny into his swimsuit. I've read that prevents the soaked moodlet. But I've found you can counter balance the moodlets fairly well, so the soaked one is more just a visual annoyance (all that dripping!). The umbrellas are fairly useless. They break too easily. I haven't used the parasol to see if it's a hunk of junk, too. (the umbrellas remind me of Sims Castaways for the console, how they'd made that umbrella from a leaf and use it even while swimming).

Sadie wasn't doing anything special, just talking to Bad Hair. But it was late at night (not sure of the time exactly). I'd guess it was around 2-4 a.m. which jives with what I'd read about abductions. I think the alien appeared on the sidewalk (when they dropped her off) but I had it in fast forward so didn't get a good look. I did see a kind of "beam me up" effect and saw a bit of an alien in it, so I'm not sure if it's just for show or if the alien does appear and you can try to interact with them.

If you haven't checked it out yet, go to the science center and raid their garden and check out the omni plant. I'm keen to get a sim's gardening skill up enough that I can play with the omni plant. I also want to find a gnome that moves. Those are two things on Sadie's "to do" list. Oh, and go back to one of the parks and get some potatos (I was trying to harvest them while waiting for her friend to show up for an outing but didn't manage it).
Apr. 9th, 2013 01:09 pm (UTC)
Yeah, the weather effects are crazy. Too much of rain or snow. In Sims 2 there was at least variation - sometimes there were long winters that began in fall and stretched into spring (snowing nonstop) and other times the winters were mild. Or there'd be a rainless summer. I haven't seen those yet in my games, just nonstop rain.

I'll definitely check out the omni plant! I've heard of those but didn't know where to get one. I do have a moving gnome. It's so hilarious and I don't even know how it got to the house. Mine is dressed in a pink bunny suit and it's creepy as *(&^%^ when you see him spying on the people in the house from the flowers, or parked next to the coffee table in the living room. They don't move while you watch, they just roam around the lot when you're not looking. I love it.
Apr. 11th, 2013 02:11 am (UTC)
Ah, cuteness in Hypnotoad begging from the alien and the snake, I think, the more I look at it the more scaly it seems. Perhaps not quite as cuddly as the kitty.

Loving alien with cane. It seems so incongruous - A wooden cane paired with the high tech space suit - wonder if old alien snagged it off an abducted elder? Your first abduction too, how exciting. I also would have postponed the shower. Wonder if female sims can be polinated?

All the rain must be really irritating. Hope it's just you and Laridian having a run of bad luck with the weather and that the sun will be shining on both of your games soon.

Lol at Bob Ross.

The price of Seasons on Amazon has just come down to £2 below my Christmas Amazon gift card. I'm so tempted to order it. Did I read you right - can the seasons be turned off? I'm not sure my laptop could cope with weather for long but I'm really envying you your aliens.

The pet place is Appaloosa Plains. If you register online then you can download a free town, Riverview, from the EA site. Umm, I was just thinking that you could move it across on your flash drive but now that I think about it, I'm not sure that that would work, as it is an EA world. Sorry, I'm not being helpful.

I use Avast anti-virus. It's free. I've used it for years now and feel confident in it.

User created worlds are straightforward to install. Download the world, they're simpacks, add it to your downloads folder... mine is C:\Me\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Downloads (hmm, yes I did call my laptop 'Me')... then when you start up the Launcher, it will be under the Downloads bit and easy to install. I imagine that you won't really be bothered with new worlds for a while though as you've all Sunset Valley and Appaloosa Plains to explore. When you are, give us a shout, I've some recommendations for some to try :)

Exploring the game, the way you are with Sadie, and locking in her wishes is a great way to play. I'm amazed at some of the things they want to do. In one of the games I'm playing, my couple both had locked in wishes for a baby. I 'helped' them along, ignoring that she really wished to have a shower. Afterwards, she was trailing a little green stink cloud. He immediately got the wish to divorce her. Wut? He has commitment issues but still.

I love how the unexpected still makes me laugh. (Nothing like my first alien abduction of a male in TS2 though. Hadn't read the reviews properly and didn't realise it could happen and what the results could be. Oh that was a joy.) The roommates thing is still new for me. (Not sure if it came in the last patch or with University Life). I changed households in a game, to a single lady in a one bed house. She had a house full. Seven roommates! I'm guessing that there may be some bugs still with the roommate thingy.

Without trying to spoil any surprises for you: any gems that you collect, you can send off in the post to get cut. (Metals can be turned into ingots and meteors analysed.) There is a chance that, instead of the gem/ingot (or as well as, not sure) being returned, you may get a gnome. I think one sometimes be found in the mausoleum and I've got one whilst fishing. I've also heard that you can get some, in Seasons, by exchanging tickets that you win at festivals.

Loved seeing your pictures and hearing about what you're up to. Sorry for the long comment.

Apr. 11th, 2013 12:07 pm (UTC)
No problem. I love long comments.

I don't think females can be pollinated, which in the case of Sadie was probably for the best. She's not ready for that level of commitment. Though I hear you can send the alien baby back to the home planet, which boggles my mind. Why on earth would you do such a thing! Oh and I've also heard/read that alien babies don't show their sim (male) parent as a biological parent. The sim is merely an incubator. Eh, I'd just ignore that part. Any male sim of mine that squeezes an alien spawn from his loins is officially the bio parent, aliens and EA be damned.

I never thought about the can being wooden. That's too funny. Maybe aliens find wooden canes quaint, or like they're adopting a different culture. "All the elders are doing it, so I'll have a wooden cane, too!"

I pretty certain you can turn off the weather effects in the options area. I think you could do that in sims2, too. You just can't see the rain/snow. You can also use debug mode and shift click the ground to change the weather. I've been doing that lately. It's just raining too damn much and it's getting on my nerves. I'm also tempted to make winter shorter, since the snow is annoying too (in one of my other games it snowed every day of the 7 days of winter and the snow was so deep I couldn't even see the family cat when she went out in it).

Yeah, some of their wishes are nutty. And sometimes they have the shortest attention spans. I had Sadie out on a date at the fall festival and a raccoon came around and all the sudden she was obsessed with it. No, you can't PET the (probably rabid) raccoon! Though watching wildlife is an easy want to fulfill. My game is lousy with wild horses running all over the place. Sadie also took off (in a cab) and went all the way across town to pet a puppy. Guess that's the animal lover trait working over time.

I'm easily amused by graphics glitches. Like when the cab runs into another car or wild horse. Or when I saw the wild horse walking backwards down a hill. In one of my games, the newspaper levitates. It functions perfectly but it just hovers about one tile off the edge of the porch. Still amuses me.

I've heard that about the gnomes (how you can find them). I really want a magical one so I've had Sadie checking out the catacombs and mausoleum. The gems and metals are great ways to make money. They're pretty much the sole reason Sadie has everything she owns (though still no bed--the sleeping bag works too well).

I think I might want the Ambitions EP. But I'm going to wait a while before I decide. They tend to go on sale (for $20) quite frequently. But I need to play what I have more before I add stuff.
Apr. 11th, 2013 07:25 pm (UTC)
I didn't realise that the game suggests that male parent is incubator rather than genetic donor. Wonder if the little alien babies take any characteristics from the male at all?

I think you mentioned a kind of disappointment about the pointy ears on the aliens. For me, it's more that they don't seem quiet as alien as I hoped they'd be. And, rather churlishly on my part, they are the wrong shade of green. Still, I have read that they are more alien in character with their own special abilities - plus they can use that spaceship. :)

Graphical glitches are part of the fun, aren't they? Still, kind of cringe when the car crashes into something. Especially if I've been messing about with camera angles and am in tab mode, taking a ride with my sim.

I've thought of another way to get a gnome - by cheating. They're all available when BuydeBug is enabled. I'm sure that you're efforts will net you a gnome soon though. I like the little buggers, they amuse me. There's a gnome dog and a Magical Mr Gnome in my challenge game. They always seem to be hanging out together. :) MMGnome came in the post and the dog just appeared.

I think that you're right about waiting for another EP until they're on sale. There's quite a lot to explore with what you already have and there are only so many hours in the day, lol. Or that could just be me. I still haven't managed to explore all the aspects that I want to, keep getting distracted by the next thing I want to try, when I haven't quite finished with the one I'm currently doing. So many saved files, so little time, lol.

I had been enjoying the idea you suggested - keeping up with the Joneses - stopped because it was getting hard to keep up with what needed to be done. I think it just needs tweaking into more manageable chunks.

Glad you're enjoying yourself.
May. 9th, 2013 03:19 pm (UTC)
I totally missed this! Never knew you got the game installed. So great to see you playing! You're making me seriously want Seasons now. Even if you hate the rain. I want aliens! And Bob Ross face painting!

Now that they've announced TS4, it seems a bit silly for me to buy more EPs. It's a waste, right? And yet...I want to. Conundrum.
May. 9th, 2013 03:57 pm (UTC)
For me it comes down to this. Can I afford to piss away $20 on an EP. Personally, I won't pay more than that, so if I see them on sale and I feel I'm due a treat, I go for it. I'm tempted to grab up Ambitions the next time I see it on sale but I'm making myself wait until I play more and start to get bored. OR, if you have a birthday/gift holiday, get it as a gift. It's an easy thing for someone to buy for you.

I will say I really like seasons. It has a lot of fun stuff in it (beyond the aliens, which was the huge selling point for me). The seasonal holidays are cute and it will take a while before I get bored of them. Yes, the weather is annoying but I play in debug mode so I just change the weather as I see fit.

I haven't heard anything about sims4, so it doesn't influence how I feel about spending on the "outdated" sims3. I can say I don't think any future sims games will click with me the same way sims2 did. Sims2 was just the right game for me at the right time. Things are different now (the games themselves, the online communities, etc) and I don't expect lightning to strike twice.

(side bar: Tumblr just doesn't compare to LJ when it comes to socializing with fellow simmers--for me at least. It's so hollow on tumblr, with folks just posting so many "photoshoot" style pics that are BORING)
May. 9th, 2013 04:37 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I always buy the EPs on sale. The problem is I kind of want ALL of them. I have everything up to and including Pets now. Still want the rest. But then TS4 will come out and I'll cry. I agree, though, that nothing clicks the way TS2 did. I think you're right. It's not that TS2 was necessarily a better game, it was just the right game at the right time. For my interests, for my lifestyle, and for the community here at that time. I don't feel any particular desire to play TS2 again, but I do really miss the community. And I do not understand Tumblr. I feel like such an old person. I just don't get it. I feel like I will have to get behind it eventually, though. But I want to shake my cane at the Tumblr crowd and tell them how we did things back in my day. That's where I am right now.
May. 9th, 2013 05:21 pm (UTC)
That's it, we are the same person.

I'm the same way. I have no desire to go back to sims2. But if I could find that same sense of community with sims3, I bet I'd get more into sims3.

Tumblr not only makes me FEEL old, I sound old when I talk about it. "I don't get that there tumblr. They can't even spell the name properly. And it moves so galdurn fast, with the liking and re-whatevering. What are you kids up to? I'M CONFUSED. GRIDLOCK!!!"

I'm currently trying out tumblr but so far I'm not impressed (sims3 or in general). It's like pinterest and twitter had an A.D.D. baby. And to be quite frank, I'm not a fan of twitchy attention span deficient infants that speak gibberish.

(and don't even get me started on facebook--I don't want to be into any online community where my MOTHER hangs out, just saying)
May. 9th, 2013 05:43 pm (UTC)
I honestly just don't understand how to use tumblr. Do people just post random pics? How are you supposed to follow a story? Or do people just not do stories anymore? I feel moronic, but I totally do not get it. I do have an account there, because one of my favorite Simmers moved over there (which means I have one lj friend left, ha!), but I seriously can't figure out what to do with it. She loves it there, though.

I have Pinterest, but I find it a bit obnoxious. It's all my 16-year-old cousins posting baby nursery inspiration boards (OMGWTF so wrong! Why does everyone do that?), my teacher friends posting amazingly beautiful teaching tools (pretty, but often with minimal education value), and my perfect mom friends posting all their perfect mom stuff about how they make their own food coloring out of berries they grow in the garden or something. It's creepy there. I have a twitter account, which I have used on occasion to follow developing news stories. That's how lame I am. I've never posted anything, and I have no friends on twitter. Admittedly, I do use facebook. It is how I keep in touch with pretty much everyone. But yeah, it has changed, and it's weird now. I joined when it was only open to a few Boston-area colleges. Now that it's open to the whole world, and my mom and my aunts are my biggest commenters, I don't post as much, because I obviously cannot speak freely.

I kind of want to be involved the the Sims community, but I don't know how much work I'm willing to put into it. I'll give tumblr a try, but I really don't get it.
May. 9th, 2013 06:08 pm (UTC)
You're not alone. It took me a bit to "get" tumblr. It is a LOT of photo posts but you can make long test posts (journal style). To follow a story you'd have to follow that tumblr account (or you could follow a tag, but I'm not sure if you can do that or how).

Part of what I hate is how it is visually. It scrolls newest on top which is backward if you want to read a chronological story (for example). There may be a way to change that setting, though (never bothered to look). There's just no way I could follow a story if I had to scroll backward. (and to be brutally honest, once I started writing my own sim stories I stopped enjoying reading them for the most part)

It is super easy to post pics there, you don't need something like photobucket. Just grab them right from your computer. THAT I do like. And I do enjoy photos of cats doing dumb shit and silly crap like that.

Pinterest is full of. . .ok, I'll just say it. Crazy mommy bloggers who really don't have anything else to do all day but use the internet to compete with other bored mommies (I swear, they post all those "perfect" pics just to fuck with each other--very disturbing). And have you noticed how many of them are Mormon (nothing against mormons, mind you, just an observation--I guess a lot of them don't work outside the home and they do have, on average, a lot of kids so it makes sense). I follow a lot of sewing/craft blogs so I get to stand on the shores of Blogger Mommy Survivor Island and watch the wtf-ery.

As for facebook, I at least can see a use for it (to keep track of friends/family if you're into that sort of thing) but it ceased to be "cool" when the local shitty dry cleaner (and every other grubby local small business) started hanging "Like Us On Facebook" thumbs-up signs in their crusty windows. And I knew it was totally O-V-E-R when I saw the "follow us on facebook" in the signature line of one of the irksome researcher groups I (in a round about way) work with. Who the ever loving hell wants to follow a medical research team? Give me a fucking break.

The only thing I still use facebook/pinterest/twitter (etc) for is when I enter online drawings. There are a ton of giveaways on the crafty blogs I follow and you can get an extra entry if you follow their (fill in the blank). Hey, I like to try and win free fabric.
May. 9th, 2013 08:33 pm (UTC)
I guess I'll play around with tumblr a bit more and see what I can do with it. But you know as soon as I figure it out, everybody will move on to the next thing, anyway.

Yeah, I do some crochet and such and I like to cook, so I see a lot of the mommy wars with some of the blogs I follow, too. And I actually do want kids in the near future (I think this is the part where we might not be the same person, right?), so I really don't mind posts about parenting, gadgets that make parents' lives easier, etc. I just don't get all the people who brag about things like making Swedish Fish from scratch. I mean, why would you make Swedish Fish from scratch? Who are these people? Don't they have kids to go parent?
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