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Sims 3 : More from Sadie Unger

Once again, I'm not doing an official legacy story.  But darn it all if sometimes funny things don't happen and I just have to share them.

Sadie Unger is proving to have a very amusing life.

First up, a pretty pic.

Sadie lives on the outskirts of town, aka Wildlife Highway.  Deer are constantly leaping past her house.  This doe was not leaping but she was looking all photogenic.  Watching wildlife is an easy way to get lifetime points (or whatever they're called).

Since I'm kind of just playing in a casual way with only a few small agendas (like getting a moving gnome and playing with an omni plant) I wasn't super eager to get Sadie breeding.  I figured she could wile away her young adult days letting me explore the game.  That meant figuring out the new socials.  I was spoiled from Sims2 where you could just have a few long ass phone calls with a sim which would bring you to best friend and then a few romantic interactions later you were married.

Sims3 has ruined that.  RUINED.

Sadie needed to actually WOO the guy she had made it clear she was interested in (by wanting to send him love letters--and how dumb was I, I thought she couldn't send the letter because their relationship wasn't high enough but it was really because she didn't have a table where she could write the letter--DUH!), more dates were to be had.

Leighton Sekemoto, the fella Sadie has her eye on.

They were trying to get their date on and then. . .

I swear, I'm not making this up. . .


I kid you not.  Second abduction while trying to date Leighton.  What the ever loving hell, game?

Sadie was not amused.

But I think I have it figured out.  Sadie was having a tryst with a lesbian alien.  Sadie wanted to keep it casual, just a youthful experiment.  However, her extraterrestrial lover was deep in the lesbian drama.  She just had to abduct Sadie one more time so they could "process" their relationship.

I tried to have Sadie interact with her wack-a-doo alien lover but the only interaction ("probe" by the way) was grayed out.  OH, I see how this relationship goes.  Alien chick can fist it out but cant' take it?  Nice, real nice.

She teleported away with gusto leaving Sadie all befuddled.

To my joy, Leighton had NOT run off this time.  Either he's very understanding of his would-be girlfriend's love drama or he's titilated.  Or both.  Either way, he got a lot of bonus points for me for not running off.

I continued to have Sadie explore game stuff while trying to get her and Leighton's relationship to a place where "move in" (or some other big deal interaction) would come up.  That meant a lot of dates and inviting him over to her (now larger) house.

Oh, and seeing some familiar faces.

From this pic, I'm not getting the "great love story" vibe all the fans get from this pair (Bella nd Mortimer).  That Mortimer is a crab and a half, which makes me kind of want to play that house as a legacy.  But I digress.

Sadie invites Leighton to say over at her house (fairly regularly) so they can get it on.  Well, not that they don't get it on while touring the theater.  I was hoping they'd get caught and have to leave in their undies but no go.  Instead. . .


Sadie got the opportunity to fix someone's t.v.  So since Leighton was enjoying his book I figured why not start working on it.  Well, this could be a good reason NOT to, huh?  Sadie got shocked and then burst into flames.  Did I already mention *headdesk*?

I was concerned but not overly.  She does have a smoke alarm and I do play in debug mode.  I can't stand how long it takes sims to sleep so I just fiddle with their needs via debug.  Yes, I cheat.  I've already experienced the "thrill" of playing sim type games where you have to juggle all their needs.  *yawn*  So I knew Sadie wasn't going to DIE.  I also save regularly so even if she had died I could just go back to my last save point.  So it was time to see what would come of this mess.

First thing I noticed?  George's running commentary.  I was tempted to change his name to Howard Cosell.

Sadie couldn't extinguish herself and the fire alarm was going off and her needs weren't plummeting too bad, so things weren't TOO bad.

Leighton to the rescue!!!

Yes, George, this is some party, isn't it!

This is how I learned Leighton has the "brave" trait.  I'm fairly certain there are easier ways to learn a sims traits.  Sadie's failings are my failings.

Speaking of FAIL.

Screw you, worthless firewoman.  Not only did you show up after the fire was in full force and spreading, but Leighton had already started to get it under control.  You, worthless woman in yellow, put out only one tiny flame.  ONE.  Then you have the nerve to mock Leighton?  Yes, he does have bad hair but he's a far better fire fighter than you, madame.

Leighton's bravery endears him to both me and Sadie.  Good job, Leighton.

The only downside to Leighton is how fickle he is.  Well, fickle's not quite the right word.  He sends Sadie love letter all the time (and gifts) but when they're together they just can not get any high level romantic interactions (like move in or confess attraction).  Oh, they hump like bunnies (mostly in the shower).  For a moment I'm concerned Leighton is a player (like another guy Sadie was dating--the dirty dog) but really he's just busy with his job and kid.  Yes, I had Sadie stalk him at home and his home life was a bit sad.  His hussy of a mother, evil teen son, and a flea ridden cat.  A cat that shared her fleas with Sadie.  Good thing Sadie was staying the night so she could shower and delouse herself.  So much for trying to be nice to the poor cat.

At one point I started pondering having Sadie just live out her life and not doing a legacy with her.  She was happy enough tending her garden and catching pets and having dates with the fickle Leighton.  But I decided to try one more thing.  I made Leighton's house active and worked the relationship from that side.  SUCCESS!!  I got them to "go steady" (ridiculous interaction to have for any age over teen, if you ask me) so they were now officially boy/girlfriend.  Back to Sadie's house (before she could set herself on fire again or lor only knows what) to see if this helped our cause any.

Eh, not as much as I had hoped.

So back to what Sadie knows.  Gardening, collecting stuff, the occassional stealing, and catching pets.

Two new snakes.  Rice-aroni (the San Francisco treat--I mean San Francisco red something or other) and Miss Hiss (an anaconda/boa constrictor--can't remember now).  Sadie also added a sardine named Little Caesar (yes, after the pizza chain).  So her pet list was:  (snakes) Gary, Rice-aroni, Miss Hiss.  (birds) Lago and George.  (turtle) Ralph.  (fish) Little Caesar.  (bug in her pocket) Jamie.  A fine family, indeed.

I was almost resigned to having her live a single life and then, as autonimous as can be, Leighton fed and cleaned up after the birds.  He was staying the night and he just tended to them of his own accord.  And he was making cute faces at Gary.  He loved the pets.  That combined with accepting Sadie's odd extraterrestrial relationships, extinguishing her, and Sadie having rolled the want to marry him, I couldn't give up.

Maybe if Sadie got knocked up it would help lure Leighton into committment?  Well, either way Sadie was going to have a legacy.  Thankfully, the move in interaction came up before the birth of their (first) child.  Leighton even raced from work to join her at the hospital and help welcome their son, Felix Unger.

Ahh, the happy family.  Leighton and Felix having a nap while Sadie processes some rocks she found at the graveyard (after another unsucessful attempt to get a gnome via the catacombs/mausoleum).

What's that there in Felix's bed?  Why yes, a mysterious benefactor send wee Felix a toy.  This could prove irritating but I was interested to see what the invisible friends were like so this is a good thing.  It's also named Bobo.  YES, The Simpson's reference for the WIN!

Bobo quickly escapes his baby bed prison and starts annoying the family (well, me).  S/he shows up in front of things folks want to use, like the fridge or the dirty bird cage.  Thanks, Bobo.  Very endearing.

Soon it's time for Felix's birthday.  Time once again to try my hand at throwing a party.  I tried it at "christmas" (whichwas also Sadie's adult birthday) but it didn't go well.  Both guests arrived (Leighton and Sadie's sole friend Thorton) with gifts but I didn't get a chance to opne them.  Once again, Sadie's failings are my failings.

OK, let's do this.  Good party.  How hard can this be.  Leighton invites his adult son, Sam and Thorton (who is now Sadie's "distant friend" that she wants to reconnect with).

What the?

What is going on here?

"I prefer to remember the GOOD times we had. . ."

Oh hell.  Gary died.

Wait. . .Gary died?  NOOOO, GARY!!!

He lived a long and happy life but it was a little sad to see him go.

Rest in peace, first pet of the Unger legacy, Gary the garter snake.

*moment of silence*

Ok, but we still have a birthday to get through here, folks.

Thorton can not be consoled.  The rest of the party pulls themselves together enough to celebrate.

Stoic Leighton waits until Felix is on the floor (waiting for his sparkles) to embrace his grief.  Oh, Gary, you were well loved.

Thorton proves himself quite the cranky old jack ass, mocking Sam's outfit (I assume).  Excuse me, Thorton, but the man wearing a jocky outfit and dress loafers really doesn't have much place to mock another man's wetsuit.  Just saying.   (for the record, they bought a slip and slide for the party and Leighton was sliding and trying to get Sam to join him, hence the bathing suits--I can't explain Thorton's outfit, my guess is senility)

Sadie is not amused.

Thorton, however, confessed he had a pretty good time.  The party goes down as a modest success.  I guess combination pet funeral/birthday are the types of parties this family should focus on.

Shortly after Gary's passing, Lago (the cockatoo) passes on.  Then Leighton finds Little Caesar floating belly up in his bowl.  Death does come in threes, after all.

Things are going so well with the family (Leighton doing well at his job, Sadie's garden growing well, enough money for everything, Felix learns walk/potty/talk and one xylophone skill point while mauling Bobo) I decide to squeeze one more pregnancy out of Sadie before she gets too old (time is ticking fast).  Uneventful pregnancy leads to new baby. . .

Leighton was busyin teaching Felix to walk when Sadie started to hatch.  She went off to th hospital ahead of him but he dutifully gathered up Felix and arrived in time to welcome his new son, Patterson Unger.

Why Patterson?  Well, I was going to go for an Odd Couple naming scheme (Felix and . . .) but I couldn't think of the other guy's name and didn't want to look it up.  So instead, Patterson was named for a cd sitting on the desk (Patternson Hood).  Unlike his brother (who is easily impressed like his mother and brave like his father) Patterson is like neither of his parents.  He's hydrophobic (game assigned) and neurotic (random rolled).  I think Patterson is going to be a totally random rolled personality just for kicks.  I also think Felix and Patterson will be co-heirs.  Two boys means two times the chance for abduction and alien spawn.  Let's hope Sadie's drama with the lesbian alien didn't sour the race on abducting Ungers.

The only time the larval babies are cute is when they're in the stroller.  Patterson looks positively elated.

"AHHH!  Far from it.  Did you see that hug. . .*shudders*. . .pudlde over there?  Good lord, woman, make a wide birth, PLEASE!"

Yeah, I'm no hydrophobe but any puddle you find in this yard you probably should avoid.



I now give you:


Not only were they wizzing in the yard, they also. . .

Mocked the house (right after I snapped this the pee horse got a house thought bubble and I noticed I didn't put siding on that one section--everyone's a critic!--then he moonwalked back toward the brown horse).

Helped themselves to the produce.  (didn't much bother me, Sadie has a lot of random plants so one less to tend is actaully a favor).

And encouraged the bad behavior of their wild brethern.

I felt pretty bad for this wild horse family.  They were some FUGLY horses and the brown one was SKINNY.  Like scary deformed skinny.  So what if they gnaw a few plants, pee all over everything and roll in the yard.  Clearly they have rough lives.  Leighton did get some lifetime reward points from watching them (and terrorized them trying to pet one--they were not amused).

I still want to get a moving gnome.  And an alien baby.  And fill the voids left by the passing of Gary, Lago, and Little Caesar.  Oh, and play with that omni plant.  I'm also toying with paying a generation as and ISBI and/or follwing poverty challenge rules.  This household is already kind of "poverty" (the only sim with a real job is Leighton and since they're technically not married I'm not bothered by it).  I kind of want to get Leighton his lifetime wish (raise 5 kids).  He's already raised 1 and has two more.  I think I might adopt two kids (toddler) to give him 5 total.  Hopefully he'll live long enough to pull it off (Sadie won't get her LTW--she's not going to get a real job so can't top the criminal career).

Still enjoying this game.

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