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Sims 3: Unger Family

What can I say, when I'm bored I like to show off my sims.

For this round of show and tell we're back with the Unger family (don't fret, I'll name drop everyone as they appear). Basically I'm playing their game legacy style but I cheat on motives and to change the weather and I'm not doing a lone heir. I want the challenge of keeping the whole family together (at least for now--I'm not ready to let them go into the timestream--control freak!).

At long freaking last I managed to get Sadie and her man (and father of all her children), Leighton, hitched.  This was a major accomplishment for me, people.  I'm wondering if the hang up was Leighton being "family oriented"?  Are there traits that are just harder to woo.  Neither of them have any "unflirty" or mean traits that would obviously lead to thinking they'd be hard to pair off.  I guess that's the fun of sims 3.  It is "harder" from a game standpoint.

As you can see from the pic, it's fall (Felix there carving his pumpkin) and Sadie is heavy with child.  I decided I had to try and get Leighton his LTW (raise 5 kids from toddler to teen) so Sadie was pregnant pretty much constantly.

Bobo strutting his/her stuff (I think she's a she).  She routinely mocks Leighton when he exercises.  She's a bit of an ass at times.

Ahh, yes, there she is in the background doing just that.

I try to give in to my sims whims, so Felix got a costume trunk and got to get his pretend on.  Of course, I had to put him in a princess outfit because it's cute as hell.  Sadie works on getting Patterson all his toddler skills so he grows up well and I get to pick his next trait.

Leighton takes Felix trick-or-treating so Sadie can go into labor.  No, that was just a coincidence.  I'm not sure what bug crawled up Leighton's ass but he takes it ou on the neigbor's flamingos.

The trick-or-treat interaction is still cute as hell.

Thanks to a crash, Sadie ends up with twin girls, Daisy Mae and Betty Sue.  Larval babies (and for the most part toddlers) are boring so we won't see much of them until later.  I was happy I managed to squeeze enough kids out of Sadie (at the very last minute) so Leighton could go for his LTW (raise 5 kids from toddler to teen).

Sadie teaches Patterson the all important Cake Scowl.  Nicely done, Patterson.  I can see why you're the parental favorite.  No joke, Sadie was all over Patterson.  Much more keen on him than Felix (though she gets along well with all the kids).  Once I saw Patterson's neatnik side (he's not "neat" by trait--I think it's his "neurotic" trait) I couldn't deny he grew on me a lot, too.  Can't wait to get his YA butt on the telescope.  Better get me an alien baby, Patterson.

See, I told you we'd see the girls once they were more interesting.  Time for an old fart christmas spectacular (hey, Leighton and Sadie are both old farts so it  makes sense).  Most of the guests are work friends of Leighton.  The fella in the wet suit is Leighton's eldest son, Sam.  Thornton Wolfe was in attendance and crabby as usual.  Everyone got gifts and NO coal and (thanks to Leighton's LTW reward) it was a smashing success.

Felix ages to teen and right off wants to learn to drive.  Snowing?  Steep hills?  Wild animals leaping into the roadway?  Sounds like a great time to learn, huh?  As of this writing he still hasn't finished learning.  I didn't realize it took multiple practices so I'm not forseeing it happening (might, but I might just have to let that wish go).

Betty Sue spends a lot of time with her IF, Snuggles.

Daisy Mae also has one but she's more discreet with it (it's in her inventory but she does snuggle it a lot).  Patterson never got one but I think I did see him playing with one of them (back when he was a toddler).

Patterson doesn't quite "get" the whole IF thing.  He enjoys mocking Betty Sue as she chats with Snuggles.  For her part, Sadie looks appropriately disturbed by the whole thing (or maybe she's just obsessed with getting those dishes washed--I do tend to get a lot of "gotta wash this dish" backup from this clan).

Now I invite you to compare and contrast the girls' reactions to their request for a bedtime story:

12betty sue read to

The only thing I can figure is, Daisy Mae is just a harsh critic.  Having published her first novel by this point (a childish sci-fi tome entitled "Journey to Uranus") she's just not that impressed by the material Leighton chose for her.  OR, she's repulsed by his ear ring which for the record I removed but it came back when he transitioned to elder (and I didn't notice it until taking that pic and I'm too lazy to fix it).

Neither of the twins have any obviously "mean" traits, either.  If memory serves they are bothy hydrophobic.  Betty Sue is "inappropriate" and Daisy Mae is one of the "crazy" traits (maybe "neurotic", but that doesn't sound right).  Daisy Mae is "athletic" and that's all I can remember right now (and I don't think Betty Sue got "inappropriate" until she was a teen).  But I digress.

Kids on the bus go scowl, scowl, scowl.

Wait, who's missing?  Oh, Daisy Mae.  Yeah, she only went to school once or twice during childhood.  First there were a buttload of snow days and then when they could finally go she was sick and the school didn't want her.  So what did I do?  I sent her sick butt (alone, mind you ) to the hospital for a flu shot.  Hey, she wanted it.  Then she came home and wrote.  She enjoyed it.  I also locked in her LTW.  She's going to collect 20 wild pets.  I see her as a bit of a hermit/crazy pet lady.  I have her greet all the strays that come aroudn (most of which are cats).

Did I mention that I'm not going to pick just one heir?  Yeah, I'm going to keep the clan and figure out who gets to breed.  I figure as long as I get a minimum of 2 spawn out of these four, I'm good.  I don't know that Daisy Mae will have to do any birthing.  She'll be busy hunting down all the critters.

Reference shot.  Head of table:  Sadie.  Left to right:  Leighton (elder), Felix (green hair).  Daisy Mae (black hair).  Betty Sue (yellow hair).  Patterson (green shirt).

Felix heads off to the prom, leaving a rather forelorn looking Bobo behind.

Felix has a blast, getting into a fight (over someone he had a crush on, who knew?) and is crowned Prom King (even though his formal attire was sorely lacking).

So, who is this mystery gal?

Oh, just a gal who's going to break Felix's heart.

All while Bobo looks on.

"I just want her to LIKE me, Bobo.  Is that so wrong?"

Bobo knows your pain more than you will ever know, Felix.  She keeps sending you love notes in the mail and little drawings she's made.  But still Felix just does not get it.  He doggedly pursues the girl from the prom (who's name I just won't remember).

Random picture:

Fancy easter egg!!

At one point I had all the kids out in the neighborhood.  The twins were working on opportunities (scavenger hunts).  Patterson was on a hunt for wild flowers (to fulfill a want) so why not hit the carnival and grab up some easy LTW points.  WOOT, fancy egg is fancy.

Do the younger kids can read between the lines of that love letter.  Felix is setting himself up for more trouble.


Yup, on a date with What'sHerName and Felix gets brought home in a cop car.

Sadies rightfully bawls him out but then forgives him.  She's a soft touch.

And don't you know What'sHerName showed up at the door right as Sadie was letting Felix off the hook.  So of course he invites her in and. . .

. . . he gets that kiss he was after!

Oh, Felix, this chick has to be bad news.  She only starts liking you after you get in trouble for her?  I know it.  I think Leighton knows it (but will let you make your own mistakes).  And Bobo DEFINITELY knows she would never get you in trouble like that.  She'd be good to you and you'd always have fun togther, pillow fighting and telling secrets.  You'd be together FOREVER and EVER and EVER.


Patterson avoids all the drama.  Ain't nobody got time for that.  Patterson is busy trying to discover potions, builing up his logic, getting good grades at school, and just being a GENIUS.  A genius who loves him some pink, thankyouverymuch.  So you can just shut it, Miss Daisy Mae.

Daisy Mae is really cute.  And excited to become a teen (even as her sister mocks her).

See, Betty Sue, even though you mocked yoru sister she's still cheering for you (even though she's tired).

Both girls have their mother's eyes and just look more like Sadie than the boys (though with puddings, the features are all kind of mushy).

And with Betty Sue's transition, thus completes Leighton's LTW.  The game crawls along while it adds up all the LTW points (Sadie had a few for the kids to grow up well) but the small drag is worth it.  Now Leighton can test out some of the perks.  First up?  Inheritance.  He had the LTW to be work X simoleons (forgot which amount) and the inheritance bumped him over the top.  WOOT.

Time to retire!

In the hail.

The family all race out (leaving their beds even) to celebrate.

Uh. . .Felix?  Bobo?  You're doing it wrong.



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May. 9th, 2013 03:43 pm (UTC)
Ok, the weather does seem a bit much. But Seasons still looks fun. Do love letters come with Seasons, too? I don't think I've seen that before.

Good luck with your enormous family (especially if you won't be moving out spares)! I tried to keep my Gen 2 small and manageable because I am still not good at this game, but shot for the moon with Gen 3. It didn't work, as I will soon post. I fail at the Sims. It's not the kind of game you would think a person could be bad at, but I'm special like that.</p>

I love the twins the most so far, but Felix is adorable, too. Hope things work out for the best with his crush. She seems like trouble.

May. 9th, 2013 04:08 pm (UTC)
I think the love letters might be a seasons thing. There is a "love day" holiday so it would make sense to include love letters as a feature (but you can send them during any season). I think attraction came with seasons, too (where sims get a thought bubble with a magnet sticking to a heart and a moodlet about being around someone they're attracted to).

I only have generations, pets, and seasons, so it has to come from one of them!

Since I cheat (debug mode for the win!) it's a lot easier to manage massive families. I just move up their need meters so there's no passing out or pants peeing (and no waiting half a sim day for them to sleep--I HATE that). I can't be bothered to deal with all that.

I'm bad at the "gamey" stuff in sims3. The socializing? Yeah, I suck at that. That's why Sadie was almost an old fart before she was married. Bascially I'm at the whim of the game. I can't figure out the socializing stuff.

If you want to see more alien action, check out the posts with Frank Enstine. I got an alien baby from him (first and only so far).
May. 11th, 2013 08:43 am (UTC)
Felix writing love letters is cute as hell!
And I love the Fabergé egg!
May. 12th, 2013 12:23 pm (UTC)
I'm glad you were bored, hearing about your Sims game and seeing pictures is such a treat.

Glad you finally managed to get Sadie married off. I've had trouble in the past with that too. It doesn't happen all the time and I have no real idea why it does happen, when it does, as looking at the traits doesn't really give a clue... well, apart from the commitment one, I suppose. Maybe, as Leighton is family orientated and has a child with another woman? Hmm.

Laughed at the girls having the bedtime stories. Such a scathing look from Daisy Mae to contrast with the sweet look from Betty Sue. Guess the girls are, as you suggest, old enough to have opinions on piercings and the elderly.

Okay, the weather may be getting 'old' for you but I loved the picture, where Felix is going off to the prom. You caught the wintry feel wonderfully and EA has done a really good job on it... there's even snow against the bottom of the trees and I love how it feathers on the road.

What a busy, interesting household. Looks fun to play and, I guess, so much easier when you're not worrying too much about some of their needs. Takes the chore out of it.

Looking forward to seeing more. Thanks for sharing :)

Edited at 2013-05-12 12:24 pm (UTC)
May. 13th, 2013 11:47 am (UTC)
The weather is very pretty. But it does snow WAY too much. If the children can go through their whole child lifespan and only go to school 2-3 times because all the snow cancels school, that's too much snow. I need those kids to go off to school so I don't have to find things for them to do!

I'll be sharing some cute kitty pics probably tomorrow. I was playing my Vanilli family (who have the cat, Hypnotoad). That cat is too cute and so much fun to play (and I got another abduction--wasn't even trying, either).
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