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GUESS WHAT? I have new cats!!

*blows off dust*

I haven't posted here in forever mostly because I don't have anything interesting to share.  I've been crafting, yes, but I have a separate blog for that.  But this post isn't about crafts or any of that.

It's about my NEW CAT CHILDREN!!!

You know you want pics. . .

Meet Nick, my boy cat.

Isn't he just too cute?!

Shh, sleeping. . .

"Huh?  What?"

And, doing what cats do best, being nosy.

Now I ask you, how could you refuse that adorable boy?  Well, lots of folks did.  You see, Nick was "the other cat" in the pair.  He's totally bonded to his "sister" Cleo.  Cleo (as you will see) is very fancy.

No, she's not an alien.

She's a Devon Rex.  Yes, a pure breed cat at the Humane Society.  So tons of people wanted her but not with Nick.  But there is no way the two could be separated.  Like I said, they are totally bonded to each other.  Nick will meow and Cleo will come running to make sure he's ok.  They chase each other and share their food and toys and. . .yeah, they are a pair.  A sweet, loving pair.

Cleo is a crotch cat.  She loves to keep warm so that means sleeping right up next to your body (or between your parted legs--these happen to be my wife's legs).

She looks bald but she's not.  She has really short, tightly curled to her body, hair.  It varies in texture, going from a super soft suede (on her throat and belly) to a soft plush (along her sides) to a bit wirey along her back and tail.

She's also a stretch armstrong cat.  And SUPER nebby (aka nosy).  You can't bring anything into the room without her having to inspect it.

Right now they're holed up in our bedroom and the adjoining room while they get used to all the changes (we just got them on Saturday, so it hasn't even been a week yet).  They're adjusting really well.  At first Nick was pretty upset and hid under the bed for almost the whole first day.  Now he only goes under the bed to sleep, where he crawls up in the box spring (how that's comfortable, I'll never know).  He'll also run and hide under the bed if something freaks him out, but he comes out very quickly if you just call to him.  Cleo's not nearly as scared of things.  She's just too damn nosy to be afraid.

Both are very people oriented, purring and wanting affection.  Playful, too (both with people and each other).  Cleo is a chow hound and Nick is a kitty litter digger (good lord, he digs in the box forever).

As much as I miss my last batch of cats (and lord I do), this new pair promise to bring a lot of laughs and love into our lives.

I'm a very proud "new mom".
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