Eeeee! Kitties!!

The kitties on the LJ banner made me so happy today.

I love when something little like that really perks up my morning.

(off sets having to hear the custodian belching and hawking a loogie, that's for sure!)


A New Challenge (for us all!)

I don't yap about this here much mostly because it's just kind of dull.

Over the past few years I've been working to better myself.  Changing bad habits to good/useful habits.  Making myself healthier physically and mentally.  Yeah, real dull stuff like that.  It's just a matter of finding one (or two) little goal/challenge per month and working toward it.  Since January is almost over, it's time to set up my goal/challenge list for February.  I thought I had February's calendar page all written up but I decided just now that there is something else to add to it.

Something challenging yet FUN.

Something that doesn't require a lot of physical effort but could prove mentally/emotionally challenging.

Something that will also give me a reason to get myself a small treat (to use for the challenge).

What is it?

A Greatful Journal.

This isn't a new idea at all.  It's not even new to me.  I'm sure I've heard of it before and heartily scoffed at it.  But now it finally appeals to me.  Hmm, perhaps I really am "bettering" myself, huh?

I'm not even going to wait until February to start.  I'm starting TODAY.  I'm going to go out later and get a tiny notebook just for this challenge.  Tiny because I want to be able to keep it with me all the time.  Tiny because I want to keep focused on being brief.  No long journal entries.  Just focus on those three things that day that I am grateful for.  They could be silly, simple things.  Or they might be huge.  It will be fun to discover them.   
large marge

If only all fat were this cute!

I just had to show this off over here (it's at my craft blog too).

I'm in a holiday swap over on Regretsy and my swapee listed Dr. Who as one of her likes.  Now I know NOTHING about Dr. Who except that that blue police call box is one of the big icons along with those robots that look like over turned colanders and there's this cute robot dog called K-9.  I've never watched even one second so my knowledge needed the help of our dear Google.

I did an image search for Dr. Who crafts (and other terms) and low and behold I found a free pattern and tutorial RIGHT HERE ON LJ!  How's that for cool.

And how cute is that adipose critter, huh?  Fat has never looked so good.

So of course I had to make one.

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Crafty: Ginger-Big Bang-Bread (cross posted)

I cross posted this over at geekcrafts but had to share it here, too (because I am amused by it).

I made a pair of gingerbread man themed Dotee dolls (little decorative dolls about 4-6 inches long, usually with a hanger on the top and a taily/hanging bit at the bottom) for a Swap Bot swap.

It was sender's choice but I checked out my recipient's profile to see if I could customize the gingerbread pair I was making and low and behold, they listed "Big Bang Theory" as one of their favorite t.v. shows.  I'm not super into that show, but I've seen it more than enough to know a bit about it so. . .

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I completed a 10K in. . .

66 minutes.

Yup, I finally got that stupid 10K done on Sunday and I was surpised I managed to get it done in one hour and six minutes (there were some seconds too, but I forget them now).

Really, given how half assed my training was (and how lazy I got in general using the running training as an excuse not to do other activities) I'm pretty pleased with my fatty self.

So now I have officially earned the "Complete a 10K" badge (yeah, there are certain cliche type things that all "fatty to fit" folks take pride in achieving for some silly reason and completing/running 5 and 10Ks are big badges to aim for).  It will look so pretty next to my "Finish a 5K" and "Run a 5K" (which I earned last year in the same 5K, thank you very much--same race, too--they have a 5 and 10K version). 

Sadly, I did not manage to get the "Run a 10K" badge this time around.  I did walk a bit during the event, so I guess I have something to aim for next year.

Oh, the swag bag this year was better than last, too.  There was the normal shirt (well, it was an exercise shirt--made from the moisture wicking fabric, not plain old cotton like last year's) AND a hat, which came in handy day of when it poured down rain.  There were also ear buds and all the normal "runner stuff" samples like energy bars and chub rub cream (oops, I mean "anti chaffe" cream).

I have a feeling this race (it's the Pittsburgh Great Race) will become a regular dealy for me.  Even though I'm snarking it a bit (because these things are so snarkable) I do want to RUN a whole 10K.  If I actually train properly next year, I can totally do it (and probably in 60 minutes).

Other "Fatty to Fit" badges I want to earn.  "Complete a Marathon Relay" and "Complete a Millenium Ride".  Yeah, I thought I wanted to do a triathalon but then discovered I'm kind of freaked out by open water so. . .we'll have to re-examine that one.



Guess what?

You guys are so wonderful.  You helped me not only win the "pin it to win it" contest I posted about earlier this week but. . .

I also won another contest at the same time.

A lot of folks on my crafty blog feed were doing the same contest and one person offered a secondary giveaway (a bit of a bribe to help them) and I won it too.

So yinz helped me win TWO contests and a nice little pile of free fabric (the secondary giveaway was for four fat quarters and a few scrap pieces of some really cute Japanese fabric).

And the timing couldn't be better.  For the month of October I'm doing an October Overhaul which focuses on cleaning up the crafty hoard I have (getting all organized) and NOT buying anything new.  So these two wins will have a few packages showing up to help tide me over while I'm not buying.

*happy dances*

Of course, I'll show off the fruits of your labors once I get them.



Help me win a prize?

Hey all you nice folks.

Would you like to help me win a prize?

It won't cost you but a few minutes of your time.

If you have a pinterest account, could you re-pin one of my photos to help me win the prize in the photo?  I'm only looking for 12 repins total by Thursday 9/27.

Ok, here are all the details and a link so you can try and win a prize yourself, too.

Freshly Squeezed is holding the contest.

Summary (full details at link):

--Pin a pic of one of their Fat Quarter bundles.
--Get the same number of repins (unique, no duplicates from same user) as the price of the bundle (ex:  mine is $12 so I need 12 repins) and you win it!
--Runs 9/24 through 9/27 (you have to email the contest official with proof you got the pins then they verify and send).

For anyone who helps me out, if you comment here that you did I'll return the favor.  It can be for this contest (if you join in) or for any other (no purchase required) contest you're currently in.  And if I win, I'll hold a giveaway of my own (at my craft blog) probably for something made from the bundle.  (don't fret, I'll be having more giveaways at my craft blog here soon, even if this giveaway thing doesn't pan out).

So if you already do pinterest and could help a sister out, could you please?  I'd really get a kick out of it.