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Maxis_taste Dare #15: Love for All Ages (adult)

Since I have the pics for this, I might as well write it up.  I really want to meet my goal of getting a date out for each age group.  Almost there!

This is for the maxis_taste Dare #15:  Dates (which I altered to be a love for all ages thing--this is the adult installment).

(note:  This comes to you via my Alterna-Strangetown, that's the Strangetown where I try with all my might not to do the same things I always do with Strangetown.  And, yes, you will see a few non-maxis sims here, but they're necessary, I swear!)

"It's time Lil."

Lilly Subject didn't need to be told twice. 

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Maxis_taste Dare #15: Romancing the Sim

This is my first offering for maxis_taste Dare #15:  Dating.

The challenge/dare was to take maxis made sims (of your choosing) and put them in a dating situation (though it need not be a scored date).

To add to the challenge, I added a new layer for myself:  Love for All Ages.

SO, this is maxis_taste Dare #15:  Dating, Love for All Ages TEEN

(for the record, this comes to you via my Alterna-Strangetown--and yes, it's a short story)

"If you don't hurry up, he's going to leave without us.  I don't know about you, but I don't want to walk."

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Alterna-Strangetown : The Spawn of Nervous Subject

This ties in nicely with the maxis_taste Dare 11.

A showcase of Nervous Subject's children.

Background:  Nervous had twins with PT9 (Olive and Petunia) then donated some sperm to Kristen Singles (penis hating hippy woman who lives across the street).  But Nervous has love issues and can't let go of Loki Beaker and ended up in a family way with him, too.

That's where we pick up.

Kristen's daugther Ann Marie.  (Kristen was very relieved she bore the fairer sex--the thought that she could produce a penis bearing member of society slightly sickened her)

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Maxis_taste: Makeovers and silly fun from Alterna-Strangetown

I (like many, I assume) have two different Strangetowns in my game.  My Alterna-Strangetown is devoted solely to maxis made sims including all the bin folk.  Since it's all maxis-rific, it's perfect for maxis_taste dares (hey, how's about some new ones, I loves me a good makeover dare).

So, while I was spending an afternoon distracting myself from Peculiar, I got all wrapped up in dear Alterna-Strangetown and now it's time to share the makeoverly goodness (and drama, gots to have some drama).

(as always, it'll be a little story-ish, a little commentary-ish)

Ooh, be very quiet.  It's a rare sighting of the ellusive Vidcundus Curiousious.
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Maxis_taste: Strangetown Elder Makeovers

It worked out so nice.  I hadn't gotten around to doing makeovers for the Smiths and Spectres in my Alterna-Strangetown.  And then along comes the latest maxis_taste dare and who's there just asking for a makeover?  Why PT and Olive.

So, two birds. . .one stone.

Hee hee, just had to toss that in there.  Yes, that's PT (in his undies) on the front porch waiting for the school bus to drop the kids off.  *snerk*  Wave to Johnny's dad, other bus kids.

But why is he in his undies?

(flashback--well, kind of)

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Random Sims: strange_tomato, this made me think of YOU.

Before I get to the silly pics let me just give you a status report on my computer.

This weekend being father's day, I went to visit the family (time for my father's annual trip to the movies) and took my computer along.  In keeping with my streak of good luck, we set my machine up in my father's basement and BAM, it does another Stop Error (and tells us the memory is the problem!).  My father was not surprised.  Seems a while back he realized the memory in my machine was not really made for the motherboard it's with, so shouldn't have worked at all.  I ended up getting a year's worth of use out of memory that never should have worked to begin with.  Not bad, huh?  So, we swap out the memory and (since my father likes to spoil me) we upgraded the processor (not a huge upgrade, but an upgrade nevertheless) AND put in a second hard drive (oh, and I now have word, I never had word before. . .my father was shocked and amused).  We did some test runs and everything was all good (even fired up the game--thank you no-cd crack!--and showed off my sims to my father--didn't take him to the PAP house, though, that might be a bit much for him).  SO, long story short, the beast should be fine (I will continue to worry for one week and then forget all about it).

OK THEN.  Now that I'm done with the state of the computer address, lets see some funny pics.

Now, I didn't intend to take any pics while playing in my alterna-strangetown (thank you to aledstrange who's Stranded story-ette made me want another version of Strangetown--a version where I REFUSE to pair off Pascal and Nervous--shocking, I know).  I was fiddling about in Alterna-Strangetown, taking all the bin sims and moving them in and all that (yeah, I have them all out of the bin, even those two dogs) and just getting everyone situated in their new homes and dishing out makeovers when this just amused me too much NOT to share.

What could possibly have Johnny Smith this happy?

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