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Apocalypse Challenge: Ponderings

Random ponderings on my Apocalypse Challenge.

Who's lifted what:

Mic McNut (founder):  natural science, hopelessness, alien technology

Tamara McNut (wife of Mic): medical

Pistachio McNut (alien son of Mic):  athletic

Mimi McNut (daughter of Tamara and Mic):  slacker

Lifts in progress:

Katelyn McNut (wife of Pistachio):  ready to clear military

Amin McNut (husband of Mimi):  working on law enforcement


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Apocalypse Challenge

From:  Cache, Dusty

To:  Screed, Slate
Subject:  New addition to survivor's exhibit


Sorry to keep you waiting.  This new acquisition is a gold mine.  It documents a whole family, start to finish.  It's nice to have so much to work with for a change.

Attached is what I have so far.  Give it a look and let me know what you want to change.  As always, excerpts are in italics.

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(oh, and don't you LOVE his name?)


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