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Bachelorette Challenge : Epilogue

With all the drama JL Verde got herself into there were a few people interested in seeing what she got up to AFTER the Bachelorette Challenge was over.

So, here you have it.

Sharing the same bed with another sim makes you privy to a lot of very private things.  Woo-hoo.  Bed farts.  And confessions whispered into a lover's ear under the cover of darkness.  JL had confessed (more than once) how horrible she still felt about the way things had ended with Peter.

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Bachelorette Challenge: Day 5 (dates) & Day 6 (to eviction)

After Day 5's eviction, it's time for each of the three remaining men to get an Official Date from JL.

I chose Sugar Cube Bowling for all the dates and I maxed everyone's needs before leaving (because whining about needing the toilet while on a date is just annoying).

And I went in order alphabetically.  So Albany is first up.  (hee hee, the two remainders are still sporting panties!)

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Bachelorette Challenge : Day 4 (end) and Day 5 (to eviction)

It's weird figuring out how to break up these updates.  So this here is the end of Day 4 (which really doesn't amount to a whole lot) and up to (and including) the Day 5 eviction.  Day 5 has individual dates after the eviction, so they'll be in a separate update (lots o' fun pics there).

Oh, and to make it interesting, this Bachelorette Challenge now features ACR (may god forigve me!).

So, post day 4 eviction the crew was tasked with a "group date".  Bascially JL had to spend at least a sim hour with each guy and try to get one dance and one flirt accomplished.  Now I tried to take each guy into JL's locked bedroom so they could have real alone time (not like that, pervos).

JL lured Vidcund into her inner sanctum and tried (yet again) to stroke his lovely face but NO.  There will be NO face stroking today.  Be gone with you, brazen hussy.

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Maxis_taste Bachelorette Challenge : Intro, Day 1, Day 2

Yes, you read right. 

This is a maxis_taste Bachelorette Challenge.  It was born from reading LJ at work.  Yes, I goof off at work, it's no secret.  I was reading (forgive me, I forget the name) someone's new bachelorette challenge and remembered how fun (and relatively easy/quick) said challenges can be.  But since I'd done a bachelorette challenge before (a LONG time ago, it has a tag if you want to read it) I needed to give it a little twist.  Or, rather, a double twist. 

So. . .

. . .do any of these folks look familiar to you?


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