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Storytellers Challenge 005: Short story (Peculiar and Nocheat relevant)

For Storytellers Chllenge 005:  What do you think of (your) child/ren?

WC:  not over 500, pic not over 5  (Peculiar and Nocheat relevant)

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Notes:  A little who's who for everyone.  Pic 1:  Thetus Bendett holds his toddler son, Calvin, while watching his teen son, Milo (Thetus has three sons total).  Pic 3:  German Barrionuevo holds his toddler brother, Hector, post transition.  Pic 4:  Truth Laide holds his toddler daughter, Autumn, post transition.  Pic 5:  Ronny and Neil Greaves (twins of Andrew Greaves, husband of Joe Carr-Extreme-Greaves)

This little snippet is very pertinent to both Nocheat and Peculiar (as I cross them over).    

Nocheat: The sky is falling!

(Previously on:  Vicente Barrionuevo moved to Nocheat for a change of pace.  That change involved being abducted by aliens and giving birth to a son, German.  Vicente met Jupiter Khillian and one thing led to another and Vic now lives with Jupiter's eldest son, Montgomery--and Monty's girlfriend Kenya, their daughter Teddi, and dog, Maxx.  Vicente is also friends with JL Verde, an odd woman who always seems to be at the center of the strange happenings in Nocheat.)

Something strange has been happening in Nocheat.

None of the residents can quite figure it out.

But there is one resident who's VERY familiar with this phenomenon.

Vicente Barrionuevo is no stranger to weather.  In fact, he's intimately aware of how it works, since he can control it.

But, can his son?

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Funny Photoshoot

To celebrate simmergirl having new downloads (YEAAAAAA!!!), I offer this fun photoshoot.

Simmergirl offers something I've wanted for my sims for a LONG TIME.  Since it's simmergirl, I figured who better to do the modeling than Ambrose/Ambrosia Laide.

So I sent him to the store (before I realized I don't have many teen clothes).

BUT. . .guess who he meets while shopping?

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