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Bike: Fat Bottom Girl achieves new record!

Ok, I'm going to brag.


Because I am a braggart. 

AND because today I just set a new personal biking best.

21 miles. 

Yes, you read that right.  TWENTY ONE.  All in one go, too.

NOW, mind you we did the "easy" route (meaning little to no hills, which around here is no small challenge) but I did it all and didn't expire from cardiac arrest OR heat exhaustion (which was very possible today, with the temp hitting 92 degrees--and the humidity right up there too) OR have to stop every two feet (though the wife still finds my pace lacking--but if I jack up my gears on the flat I might be able to help him out in that department).

But then, just to keep me from getting too full of myself, I got stung by a yellow jacket.  A yellow jacket at the compost bin.  I'm hoping they haven't constructed a nest out there.  As much stuff as we toss (yeah, produce is purchased but frequently neglected in my home) we're at the compost bin a LOT.  The wife's going to have to get a bee keeping outfit (because I guarantee you my fat ass is not going out there again).

The rest of the week is supposed to be H-O-T so I don't plan on being able to exceed my current personal best.  But once the weather cools again, we'll see what I can do.
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Biking: Fat Bottom. . .COMMUTER!

Come, celebrate with me.

For as of today I am a bike commuter.

And, my wife (he's being my human training wheels--he doesn't like to admit it but he frets over me, it's cute) only had to chide me a couple times (for not signaling at all or not well enough--yeah, sometimes I'm bad like that and I know better and I'm working on it).

But I'm a little disappointed.  It's only 3.85 miles from my house to work.  So my round trip is going to be below my 10 mile mark.  So that means I still need to make up mileage on my own time.  *scowls*  BUT (time to get happy!) the cemetery near my house now allows bikes.  So I can make up mileage in the peace and quiet only dead folks can give you. 

*snicker*  I was walking in the cemetery yesterday (I've been walking part of the way home from work while waiting to get back to the bike) and I crested one of the hills and scared this deer.  Cracked me UP.  I can't believe it didn't hear me coming (it was a decent hill so I was huffing and puffing a bit and tromping along like frankenstein).  I think it was a little embarrassed to have been snuck up on by a fat human (as it should have been).

Now, I need some FOOD!
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Get on your bikes and ride. . .in the DARK!

I am a Fat Bottom Girl of the Night.

Ok, so it wasn't that lurid.

BUT(t), I did have another Bike Milestone.  Tonight was my maiden night voyage.

The wifey and I headed down to the point to take in some free music (Jason Isbel and the 400 Unit--Jason used to play with Drive By Truckers so. . .yeah, I'm not going to miss a chance to hear him especially for FREE) so it was time to snap the headlight (and seizure inducing rear blinker) on for the ride home.  (side note:  It's the annual Pittsburgh Arts Festival, hence the free music and food vendors offering gut seizing greasy fair--yeah, I had to have some ribbon fries, I'm not made of stone).

And in other Bike News, the pannier rack is officially part of my bike so that means next week will start my commute riding.  (yeah, this week's kind of tied up with dumb crap so it probably won't happen)

(oh, definitely check out Jason Isbel's music.  "Dress Blues" will break your heart.  And, Drive By Truckers are opening for Tom Petty on his new tour--Petty puts on a good show so it should be a good pairing, I have my ticket, do you?)

Random: And now I want a PBJ

The wife finally went in with some friends and joined one of the CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) groups and the first haul comes in this week.  The wife got first pick of the goodies and (as long as we really do get the items advertised) we'll score some strawberry jam and honey wheat bread.


I can't wait to tear into that and make a big fat PBJ.

(oh, we're also getting some lettuce but it's not really something I put on PBJ so I can't muster that much enthusiasm for it at this time--but we might be able to swap some lettuce for spinach which, while I don't put that on PBJ either, I can get more excited about.  Loves me some spinach)

And the dear wifeage purchased some easels so we can continue working on our *cough*masterpieces*snort*.  I'm so tempted to make a sims style painting.  Should it be the pink blob lady or the cat/dog/pikachu thing?  My wife would crap himself if I deliberately made a crappy sims default painting.  But I do still have some canvas paper.  I could waste a sheet of that on something goofy.  Hmm.

AND (yes, my excitement is threefold this morning) my bike bags arrived yesterday so it won't be long now before I can get my bike commute on.  I'm thinking I'll get the bags mounted on my bike then do one more dry run (with bags packed, so I know what kind of weight I'm up against) and then that'll be that.  Fat Bottom Girl will get on her bike and commute.  WOOT!

Biking: Fat Bottom Girl Contemplates Bike Commuting

Yup.  Tomorrow (on my day off--4 day weekend, can I get a hell yeah!?) the wife and I are going to do a biking dry run of my commuting route.

Then, once I get my bike bags and a few other bikey things I need (general stuff like a headlight that actually makes light--not that I'll be riding in the dark right away) I'm gonna get on the commuter biking bandwagon.

I'm excited.  I'll be able to get in 10 miles of biking (roughly) everyday without even TRYING.  Well, unless it's raining, then I'll bus it.  The only drawback is I won't have two hours a day when I can read (my bus commute is 1 hour each way which I spend reading).  Not a big loss at all.

Speaking of biking, we're getting our camping on this weekend and there should be some good biking to be had there, too.  I'm looking forward to it.  We tend to camp with four of my wife's friends (well, three are his friends and one is a spouse of a friend) and they're all athletic and not lazy fatties (like yours truly) so any time we'd do hikes or things I was always the butterball bringing up the rear, begging for the sweet release of death between ragged gulps of air.  Now I'm not going to lie to myself and say I'm not still going to be bringing up the rear (or panting like an overfed dog) but it should be a bit better than previous times.  Encouraging since I'm not entirely comfortable around my wife's friends, despite knowing them for years (hence refering to them as his friends and not our friends--yes, I'm very particular about clearly labeling friends that way).

Ooh, and there's also a pool.  I'll tell you right now, I may be a bit uncomfortable around my wife's friends but I won't hesitate to put on my fat girl bathing suit (no, it does not have a skirt--I don't care how fat I am or would ever be I will NEVER wear a bathing suit with a skirt) and roll my blubber right on into that water.  Everyone knows, fat floats and I use that to my full advantage.  *snicker*  I should take some white paint to my black bathing suit so I'll look like Shamu!  Then I could launch myself up out of the water and splash anyone dumb enough to sit too close to the pool edge!

Hope everyone has a fun weekend!   

Fat Bottom Girl Takes it to the Street

Yeah, you read that right.

Fat Bottom Girl got on her bike and rode.  ON.  THE.  STREET.

Yup, Saturday morning I rode my bike to Planned Parenthood to do my volunteer work.  It's a nice time of the day to be biking (6:45 a.m. in case you were wondering).  Traffic was light so it made it a bit less intimidating.  But the wind was CRAZY.  Slipping over the cross streets, it would catch me like a sail and try to blow a gal down.

And let me just say, Pittsburgh has some very shitty streets.  Now I knew this just from riding in a car on them (Butler street in particular, with the giant pavement bulges between traffic and parked cars along the curb) but on a bike you're right there with it.  With the Butler street pavement humps, you have to go further into traffic since there's just not enough room to ride between the humps and the parked cars.  Then you're tooling along and you get to a sewer grate and the pavement around it is a wreck.

The ride back (at 11:30 a.m.--we did some shopping in the Strip before going home) wasn't bad, either.  More traffic but not as scary as I had worked myself up into believing.  Though I somehow managed to avoid any buses, which was odd.  I'm sure having one of those beasts blow past you gives you pause.  I'll find out.

And, it's a nice little distance too.  Round trip is about 10 miles.  But it's over very flat land (a rarity in the 'burgh) so there's no real laboring (or worse, having to get off and PUSH the bike--that's super embarrassing).

Now to celebrate I think tonight I'll take on the outer loop at the park.  It's a bit longer but has more hills (or rather, longer hills, so a constant incline).  It shouldn't be to warm, so that will keep the dung stink down (the outer loop goes right past the zoo, so it's quite aromatic).

That is, unless it rains.  Then I'll be lazy.
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Fat Bottom Girl: Getting back on the bike to RIDE!

Tonight marks my return to the bike saddle.

Yeah, I had the bike hitched up to the trainer all winter but. . .are you really surprised that I just didn't ride it all that much?  It was SO boring.  Even when I was watching t.v. while biking.  Boring, boring, BORING.  And the wife wasn't a fan, either, so I felt like I had been granted a get out of exercise free card as we combined our lazy powers and held the furniture down instead of biking.

But the weather has finally turned and the bike rack is now back on the car so I have NO excuses.  And believe me, I can make any little thing into an excuse (I'm good like that).

Tonight's minimum goal:  2 miles
Tonight's "yeah right, who are you joking" goal:  3 miles

I see no reason why I can't get back to 10 miles by the end of the month.  Then, it's time to tackle the OUTER loop.  Yes, the loop that's longer, has a steady incline AND goes near the zoo so has me dealing with actual auto traffic and the reek of elephant poo.

And THIS season, I'm so getting my icee from the park vendor.  By the time I achieved my goal last season, the vendor had closed up shop for the year (damn seasonal vendor!).

Super Sweet: Trainers and Triple Features!

Just like that, the bike trainer has arrived.  Real speedy delivery there, Mr. McFeeley.

And in other happy news, the drive in (mmm, corn dog) is having TRIPLE features.  THREE, THREE, THREE movies for the price of one.

The billings?

Final Destination (whatever number), District 9, and Ugly Truth

Halloween 2, Inglorious Basterds, Bruno

That second set is really catching my attention.  It's like a delicious turd sandwich.  NONE of those movies are ones I'd really want to pay full price for (though I might pay rental price for them, maybe) but bundled like this, how can I resist?  I'll admit a big soft spot for horror movies (even stanky Rob Zombie remakes--his remake of the original Halloween was like the world's longest music video, fun but completely useless and utterly forgettable).  And, pairing a mediocre Rob Zombie offering with a SSDD filmmaker like Tarantino (come on, he's been making the same movie for YEARS--and when I'm in the mood for it, I can enjoy it) might make for a fun evening.  And then top it off with the nude antics of Bruno (yeah, a naked hairy guy making an ass of himself can amuse me at times)?  Yeah, that's a fun (and long) evening.