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New Peculiar (1/08)

Peculiar B2 BONUS : Sneak peeks at next update (w/pics)

These aren't proper drabbles since most will be over 100 words.  So I suppose I should just call them snippets?  Teasers?  Mental spit up?  Pick your favorite.

All of these offerings relate to the next Peculiar B2 update, "Travail".  They also all use prompts from the lists over at simfic50.  AND, they all have pics (something a lot of my drabbly type offerings don't get).

So, want to see what's coming up in Peculiar?

From list two, prompt #31:  Proud
Word Count (approximate) : 111
Characters:  Kitty Curious, Glam Curious, John Henry Curious

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From list 1, prompt # 5:  Door
Word Count (approximate): 180
Characters : Spencer Oliver Sunseri, Andre

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From list 2, prompt # 21 : If
Word Count (approximate) : 210
Characters : Zephyr Pleasure, Abraham Leader

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From list 1, Prompt # 6 : Choice
Word Count (approximate): 200
Characters : Morrow Summerdream, Julian Hive2 

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From list 2, Prompt # 23 She
Word Count (approximate) : 80
Characters : Circe Sunseri, Molly Sunseri

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From list 1, Prompt 14 : Lovers
Word Count (approximate): 120
Characters:  Pascal Curious, Albert Curious

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Peculiar Extras: What's big and hairy and gives great hugs?

Yup, still getting my Peculiar on.  And still working mostly with Daniel and Frances.

You may recall my asking about hosting dirty pics?  Well, the dirty pics in question involve our dear Frances.  (stay with me, I'm going somewhere with this)  The night after I got the dirty pics, I'm playing and decide to send Frances and Daniel on a wee vacation (it's story relevant).  Now, Frances had the Hidden Burrow map, so you know I had to take them to see Bigfoot.

Would he be considered a bear?  That's WAY too hairy for me. . .

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Nocheat: BONUS schtuff (with pics)

I have been DIEING to show off a few of these bonus shots.

I'm going to try to keep this in the same order as the posts, but I make no promises.

SHOCKING!  I'm not sure I showed this one before, but I like it.  For a guy who will have sex on a park bench in broad daylight, Angus can be such a prude sometimes.  

So, I'll address the rash of abductions and everything in a minute.  First, a picture from the "that's just not right" file.

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