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Nocheat: Eugenia Bendett and Fortunado DeTreville

It's a Christmas MIRACLE!!!  

After making my festive holiday icon (gaze in wonderment at my mad paint skillz), I just had to go into Nocheat and check up on the Sweet Queen of Ugly, Eugenia Bendett.

(background:  Eugenia--now an elder--lives with her lover--and father of three of her four children--Fortunado DeTreville--also an elder.  Their two youngest offspring--twin children--Lycra and SuperDuper also live with them)

SuperDuper lives up to his name by catching the rare and ellusive daytime lightning bugs (well, he tries to catch them but does not succeed).

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galacticon plain

Nocheat: Galacticon's Family Reunion (Part 2)

I totally forgot I had a Galacticon icon.  Ahh, the loverboy in his prime. . .

Part two picks up pretty much where part one left off.  Galacticon is still trying to get all his children together for a party (again, we'll move between a few houses but it shouldn't be too confusing).

Shanghai was very excited to hear how well Mosaic and her family had accepted Galacticon.

Now all Galacticon had to do was find a date that was acceptable for everyone.

This would prove a daunting task.

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Nocheat: Galacticon's Family Reunion (Part 1)

Since Galacticon has such a huge "family" this had to be a two parter.  There will be a little bit of jumping around between households but it shouldn't be too confusing.

(Background:  Galacticon Farquest is well known for his woo-hoo prowess.  A prowess that has made him not only a very popular sim, but a father seven times over.)

Galacticon found himself strolling down memory lane more and more these days.  It had started when he met one of his sons, Romeo DeTreville.  What a sharp lad, that Romeo.  

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Nocheat: Rocco and Carmella DeTreville

(Household includes:  Rocco DeTreville-elder, Carmella DeTreville-adult and three of Carmella's children, Giovanni-adult, and twin children Bambi and Cameo.  
Background:  Rocco and Carmella are siblings, not a married couple.  Rocco, after a youth spent romancing the local women, turned his attentions more toward work and succeeded in becoming a celebrity chef.  After spending the majority of her life trying to gain control of her father's seat as the leader of the DeTreville crime family, Carmella's murderous ways found her on the bad side of acting family head, Pierce Baena.  After being shut down by Pierce, Carmella's criminal career was gone for good.  But at least she still has her family and her health. . .right?)

"I've seen him flitting around, Roc.  I swear, if he scares the girls I'll get an exorcist over here so fast. . ."

Mom didn't need this shit.  She got rid of her louse of a fiance, Gabe, and wanted him to stay gone.

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Nocheat: CCON graduates come home, new batch leaves (part 1)

Brace yourself, we're going to jump around a bit in this update.  We'll see the last batch of CCON students arriving back in the neighborhood and the new batch heading out.

Willhelm heard his younger brother and sister before he actually saw them.  He had the feeling being home wasn't going to be much different from being in the dorm what with the phone ringing and people running around.

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