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GUCCI: Retrospective and THE ISHKA-WINNER is. . .

Here it is, folks, the retrospective.

Let me apologize in advance for the poor quality of the pics.  I'm mega ghetto and have to do picture editing using the piddly ass paint program that comes with computers (yes, that thing under "accessories" next to the "notebook" and mine sweeper).  So I had to switch the pics from .jpg to .bmp.  But it made it so I could combine pics for some fun "mashups" (if you will).

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gucci nut bust

GUCCI: Gen 10 ages to adults

Yes, they finally do.  (and this update is not very exciting, you've been warned)

And you get to pick the next Iska-idol!

But first a bit of picturey goodness from the teen years (and really, it felt like years waiting for them to age up--and I didn't just cheat and age them, either--well, except Jerry Lee).

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gucci man panties

GUCCI: The Final Generation

I'm so excited to be on the last GUCCI generation.  Now I won't have to look like an ass when I label the generations wrong (I've done that NUMEROUS times).

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----------------------------------------NOW FOR SOME--------------------------------------------
------------------------------------------BONUS SCHTUFF----------------------------------------

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sock monkey

GUCCI: The aging of Gen 8 contenders

It's come to my attention that you good folks can't really appreciate the. . .how should I put this. . .white trash nature of my Ishkabibble family.

SO, to help you understand exactly what we're dealing with here, we're going to examine the living conditions at the Iskabibble Big House.

THIS, is what the neighbors across the street have to look at.  EVERY DAY.  But what you don't see is (off to the left) the baby blue truck (complete with FLAMES) and (off to the right) the karaoke machine.

SO, I have to do some overview shots.

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