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Sims: Maxis_taste Dare #33 PROMPTS!

Hey hey, look who's participating in a maxis_taste dare.

The latest dare (#33) is prompts and you don't have to use the game at all (if you don't want) which is spot on PERFECT for me.  Hey, I still love writing (in general) and writing for sims (in particular) so this is just fabulous!

So, the deal is you leave a comment (saying what neighborhoods you want to write for) and ale gives you three sims (from said neighborhood/s) and three random word prompts.  Then you use the prompts as inspiration for a short written piece (with or without pics) or a makeover (either of the sim or just anything that that sim inspired you to do) or just about anything you want as long as you can directly tie it back to the prompts your were given.

Blah blah blah, time to show off what I wrote.

Word Prompts:  secrets, white
Sim prompts:  Cyd Roseland, PT9 Smith
Neighborhood:  Strangetown
Word Count:  885
Warnings:  NONE

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Maxis_taste Dare #17: One sim, five flavors

Time for another maxis_taste  dare.

For Dare #17 the mission (should you choose to accept it) was to take one Maxis-made sim and remake them in the five different categories provided.  Casual (everyday/outer wear), Unprepared (pj/undie), Active (sports/swimming), Elegant (formal), and Exotic (costume).

Now I was going to go and find some sim I'd never worked with before and give them some face time BUT. . .

well, just check out the pics and I think you'll understand why I chose who I chose.

Doesn't get much more "unprepared" than that, huh?

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Maxis taste Dare 15: Dates (aka Love for All Ages: Elder)

And coming in right under the wire is. . .

Yup, I finally got an idea for the elder portion of my self imposed Love for All Ages add on to the maxis_taste Dare 15.  I'm telling you, I just could NOT figure out what I wanted to do with this one.  I was tempted to go the easy route and trot out PT9 (*heartfarts*) or fall back on the super cute Goodies but, well, I just needed MORE.

Then I remembered a lovely old codger living in Pleasantview.  A sim that, for many, embodies all that is "sim".  A man of MYTH.  Or, rather, a man MARRIED TO a myth.

Yeah, we're heading over to that big old mansion in Pleasantview for this one.  But, I promise, it's not what you're thinking.  Well, unless you're sharing my brain cell and, if you are, then GET OUT (or at least don't ruin it for others!).

(note:  I've taken a bit of license here, mostly with hair color.  You can blame that on Peculiar.  I just prefer a certain gent as a towhead now.  Does that make this AU?  Who the hell cares!)

The creak of the hinge.  The clack of her heels against the pathway.
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Maxis_taste Dare #15: Love for All Ages (adult)

Since I have the pics for this, I might as well write it up.  I really want to meet my goal of getting a date out for each age group.  Almost there!

This is for the maxis_taste Dare #15:  Dates (which I altered to be a love for all ages thing--this is the adult installment).

(note:  This comes to you via my Alterna-Strangetown, that's the Strangetown where I try with all my might not to do the same things I always do with Strangetown.  And, yes, you will see a few non-maxis sims here, but they're necessary, I swear!)

"It's time Lil."

Lilly Subject didn't need to be told twice. 

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Maxis_taste Dare #15: Romancing the Sim (Young Adult)

I'm glad the maxis_taste dare #15 goes all month and not just until Valentine's Day, since I'm a little behind.

SO, here's my second offering for Dare #15:  Love for All Ages (Young Adult)

(Background:  This story comes via Peculiar, one of my story 'hoods.  Klara Vonderstein, chubby chaser, has been trying to bed down Aldric Davis, chubby boy, for some time. Aldric, while very attracted to Klara--even going so far as to kiss her, is still reeling from a bad experience in his teen years, when he was stalked by an infatuated girlfriend.  For the record, Klara and Aldric are maxis made students in La Fiesta Tech AND Bella is a Bella Goth clone and DJ is DJ Verse, also a La Fiesta Tech maxis student)

"Bella, good morning."

Bella felt her mouth fall open but could do nothing to stop it. 

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Maxis_taste Dare #15: Romancing the Sim

This is my first offering for maxis_taste Dare #15:  Dating.

The challenge/dare was to take maxis made sims (of your choosing) and put them in a dating situation (though it need not be a scored date).

To add to the challenge, I added a new layer for myself:  Love for All Ages.

SO, this is maxis_taste Dare #15:  Dating, Love for All Ages TEEN

(for the record, this comes to you via my Alterna-Strangetown--and yes, it's a short story)

"If you don't hurry up, he's going to leave without us.  I don't know about you, but I don't want to walk."

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