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Maxis_taste Dare #15: Romancing the Sim (Young Adult)

I'm glad the maxis_taste dare #15 goes all month and not just until Valentine's Day, since I'm a little behind.

SO, here's my second offering for Dare #15:  Love for All Ages (Young Adult)

(Background:  This story comes via Peculiar, one of my story 'hoods.  Klara Vonderstein, chubby chaser, has been trying to bed down Aldric Davis, chubby boy, for some time. Aldric, while very attracted to Klara--even going so far as to kiss her, is still reeling from a bad experience in his teen years, when he was stalked by an infatuated girlfriend.  For the record, Klara and Aldric are maxis made students in La Fiesta Tech AND Bella is a Bella Goth clone and DJ is DJ Verse, also a La Fiesta Tech maxis student)

"Bella, good morning."

Bella felt her mouth fall open but could do nothing to stop it. 

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Peculiar B2: Drabble (image free)

This little drabble thing has been gnawing at me lately and I just had to indulge it.

Part of this (the very end) will be used in the next update.  Daniel (still sans Frances) is at home worrying over his boy and is trying to distract himself with the radio.  This drabble is basically a transcript of what Daniel is listening to.

Characters:  The cast of Out Q in the Morning (Larry Flick, Keith Price and Cynthia) and Jasmine Zimmerman and Lazlo Curious of the Science Fiction Idols  

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For silentsteel: Peculiar Photoshoot: Daddy & Daughter Time

silentsteel  is always posting roundups of great downloads.  In one of her more recent roundups, she found (at parsimonious) a great item for adult males.  Of course, we both had the same thought upon seeing it.

This photoshoot is for her.  Thank you for rounding up great downloads and encouraging my sims wackiness.  Big sim love!

(oh and this is a bit of a time warp Peculiar thing. . .Look who's growing up!)

"Marsha. . .don't tramp on Peter. . ."

Marsha continues walking across Peter, who doesn't seem to even notice.

"You see her?," Jill addresses her sister.  "Like he's not even THERE."  Jill's indignation is short lived.


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New Peculiar (1/08)

Peculiar Bonus: Big fat hairy decision

I'm a fucking nutter.

I just spent nearly an hour (tonight) deciding on a hairdo for Piquant Pollinator.  This was AFTER I thought I had decided on a hair for her.

This is what I thought I was going to go with.  I want to show her face off a little more but not too much.  This wasn't exactly what I was going for but I was willing to work with it (hee hee, nice granny panties there, Piq, she's all about COMFORT).  (oh, and it wasn't until just a few minutes ago that I realized this is Bella's hair, though two sims with the same do isn't a huge deal for me--I just couldn't figure out why the hair looked so familiar to me--duhrrr)

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